September Stillness

I have to get a new format for this blog as this formatting is awful! Please excuse it, can’t seem to fix it so am just going to send it out. I have been here with a friend from Virginia and my two sons. My elder son had driven up from California for the 9-11 event (One, the Event) in Seattle that a group of friends from Virginia had acted as guides and activators for. My son and I added our energy to the mix. During that weekend, I received a strong knowing that my youngest son’s energy field was being compromised and that he needed to leave San Francisco straight away. My elder son called his brother, the feeling was verified and he decided to come to Seattle to join us for our trip to Orcas. It all happened easily as it does when it is right. I booked a flight for the next day and then my son called to say a friend was driving to Seattle the next day so he had a ride all the way! I had booked the flight directly with the airline as the Cheap ticket and Orbitz sites felt too confusing for me. That was fortunate as with one phone call, the ticket was cancelled and fully refunded. Perfect! I had left my car in Portland, rather reluctantly as you know how close Maxie and I are. She has all my stuff in her and it was difficult to know what I might need. But I knew that I needed the 3 hour drive from Portland to Seattle to harmonize with my eldest son before we arrived at the event. Again, all flowed with ease and grace as my younger son and his friend stopped in Portland to spend the night with a friend of mine. He then drove Maxie up to Seattle so we were all reunited! We took the ferry over to this island that has a primordial energy about it. Deep forests abound that seem to engage the depths of my being. I have felt a bit confined as the walk from the house we have rented follows a narrow gravel road cut into the dense forest. I am a vista gal, need that open space. Here is the western view from the front yard, so it has been delightful to sit and look out over this sound and watch the
play of the shadows and light on the water. This was taken this morning as the sun was just reaching over the eastern hillside. The clouds were tinged pink with delight at the new day approaching. I felt the pinkness of the day as I had a nap on the rough hewn log bench out front. I was savoring the heat of the sun on my face, as well as feeling a bit chilly, wishing someone would come and tuck a blanket around me. I knew that I could call out and one of my sons would have gladly obliged or I could have hopped up and gotten one myself but I did not want to disturb the stillness by sound or movement. It was so delicious. Instead I imagined the warmth enveloping me and dropped into a deep slumber. Magical moments!

My Virginian friend left by seaplane today, what fun to see her off. It seemed a great way to move to and fro from the island and Seattle. My sons and I had the evening alone and some deep fears surfaced for me. My older son had been feeling it and was relieved that they surfaced as were we all. I sobbed out my fear that our creation would not come to fruition. We have a vision of what we are to birth in this new earth and I have held that vision for lifetimes. There was a relief that I was able to sink into today that the three of us had made it to this point. We had each witnessed the other go through periods of tremendous pain, confusion and despair. We had honored the holiness of each one’s choice (I love that phrase….it is borrowed from a friend) though we watched with grief in our hearts as each came through the darkness to find ourselves in our own light once again. The shadows provided the strengthening needed. To finally sigh into that strength and feel it amongst us…….it is hard to describe how my heart heaved and swelled with gratitude. With my youngest son stepping out of the 3D world of work and schedule, we are now the trinity needed to seed our creation. He needs a period of deep rest as do I. We are each going our separate ways for the next 3 weeks to integrate what has transpired. To relax into the stillness with the knowledge that we are on track and on time. Tears of relief, gratitude, and love flowed. We are here at this auspicious time, we are strong, we are shining our light and remembering who we are. It is a celebration. All is well. All is very truly well with our world.

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