Letting Go …….on a new level

Gotta love the turkeys! 7 little babies following mom. I haven’t seen babies like this before so it was a special treat. I wanted to be one of the chicks, following mama, trusting her to care for them. And dear mama turkey, trusting to her inner knowing of how to feed and shelter her brood. Makes me think of our mother earth and how she has feed and sheltered us. How I can trust her to move through these times as she follows her instincts. I am coming back to a state of appreciation and joy with this beautiful world of ours. Spending a few days in Sacramento, which is where I raised the kids. I have some dear friends here that I love to spend time with but the energy of this place has never felt supportive to me. I feel flat here. It has been interesting as I had a vision of a net pulling all remaining ties, sorrows, wounds from my time here with my wasband, up and away from me. Yes, finally all the ties letting go. So as I sort through the last of my belongings, obsessing over what to fill my trunk with once again, I see that I am being gifted with so much more than letting go of the material things remaining. I know that I am lighter in that department than most folks yet I feel the heaviness of things. It is as if I no longer understand the way we operate. I am being shown that it is much more than having less things that is taking place. We are being asked to let go of certainty of any kind. We have been getting those lessons for awhile now. Now we are being shown a new way to be in the world. There is no planning, no setting a goal and pushing towards it. No more push, no striving. We are being asked to show up with hearts full of joy and appreciation and watch as the universe lines up with that to gift us. The gifts can be so much more than we had imagined. I find it so interesting! And exciting, and a bit unnerving also! It takes some practice and it feels odd.

I had thought that I was moving to Orcas Island and saw 6 months in my mind. Now it feels that I am to go and meet someone, take part in an activation and then leave. I am feeling the cool mists and my body is already dreaming of being in that moist environment. So odd since I am a sunshine gal but the mists are definitely calling me. I know that I will feel more energized and awake there. Two people then called me to say that they got a message that I would not be staying there. Ok, a second and a third on that after me feeling that. I am hearing to release any attachment to “finding a home”. That seems to be the message. I am so wanting a home but am seeing that I cannot plan it. It is there for me but will happen in a new way, not by looking through Craig’s list or the newspaper. I have to show up and perhaps keep showing up in new places until I feel the resonance that sets my heart a fire. Have been doing just that for over two years but now it is new. Also, the energies are changing so quickly that what felt like a probability one day, can change the next. My true home is in my heart and in the times we are in, this will become more evident for all of us.

Earthquakes yesterday on the east coast, very mild ones here in California. I woke yesterday morning from a dream where I was in a disaster scenerio and I knew that I was to quell the fear and panic by teaching folks to go into their hearts. I was showing them that they could float on their backs in the cosmos. Arms outstretched, floating in space, stars lighting up the darkness but being held in the love of the Creator. Ummmmm, so peaceful and lovely. I knew that I could entrain their hearts to mine if I was centered in my own heart. I knew that I had prepared for this and this was my work. Afterwards, I felt nauseous, received a call to join a conference call as an earthquake had happened. A group of us came together to call forth galactic, angelic and inner earth forces to assist us to assist the earth. A great deal of energy was moving and then we felt it settle and quiet.

Today I awoke feeling light and joyful. Now as evening settles in, I am tingling all over my body and feeling the energies arise again. Feeling layers of fear move through me, not my own but planetary. Holding to my heart. Tom Kenyon sent out a new message today http://tomkenyon.com/the-emergence-of-multiple-chaotic-nodes dealing with the challenging times that we are in. I love that the advice is to go into our hearts and feel appreciation. It is so simple. This is what will move us all through these times that appear so challenging. So many hearts are opening every day, we could run news shows that only featured folks describing how their hearts are softening and opening wide. This is the news that we need to be paying attention to!

This was a view as I headed out of San Francisco a few days ago. There are the signs signaling different directions, which lane should I get into? Where am I headed? I believe that these questions will become more evident as we are being asked to line up with more of our true essence. To let go of jobs, relationships, places that do not feed our soul. To get in the lane that feels joyful even though you have never taken that route before. To trust that your heart can lead and to accept that all the logic in the world cannot make the decision any longer. Ok, I am changing lanes once again as I line up with who I am in this moment. I am looking for the road that leads to mists and mosses and moisture. I am appreciating everything that surrounds this thought and not looking for the next. Rather sinking in deep to the appreciation of all that surrounds me in this moment. Crickets chirping, ceiling fan whirling, breeze gently coming onto the back of my head through the window. Ahhh, deep sigh.

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