Sobbing to Serenity in a Day……whew!

As a woman who has always been affected emotionally by the moon’s pull, yesterday’s full moon was significant for me. I could feel the pressure building as I completed my long drive. This painting I call solar flares. On top of the energies of the full moon, we have been experiencing the most intense solar flares ever seen. Truly, our sun is assisting mightily in this wake-up call to humanity. There is so much light pouring into our crown chakras, opening us to remembrance of our true nature as star beings. As the light floods in, the denser energies are pushed up and out. Wow, did I experience this! I found myself sobbing as I drove through the desert. Part of my mind was running a “you are nuts” tape which is a very old program I thought long gone from the line up. My heart was full to bursting with a feeling of expectancy. It felt like the day before each of my babies came. Your body is preparing, you see the signs that the birth is imminent yet it has not happened. You feel a frenetic energy of nesting instincts coupled with an immense fatigue that makes you wonder how you will get through the labor to come. Every cell in my body was ready to embrace and hold my baby. I wanted my baby so much. I want this new earth with a desire that fills every cell to bursting. I am so ready to embrace her, to live on and with her, to be a part of a world where all can live in peace, love, abundance and freedom. The desire is so deep and has been held so long (eons and eons of time) and it is now finally approaching. I felt I could not bear the wait. The mind program was running saying: “You made it all up. This is not real.” I called a friend sobbing about how deeply tired I was and how I wanted to find my home. I am so ready to touch down on the earth where I feel that deep resonance. She assured me that it was that moment before the true stepping in. So close, oh, so close is my dream. Oh, to hold it in my arms! To live it in my days! To witness its beauty!

Yes, I am ready. The emotions washed through, betrayal…..haven’t I experienced that emotion deeply this lifetime. Over and over again. Ok, I feel that I get the lesson, have learned not to betray myself. Have committed to myself, my truth. I processed this further with a friend. She saw the patterning throughout this lifetime and witnessed the pain surface and move. I had asked AA Michael to do psychic surgery and remove the memories from my cells. My friend and I took a swim and asked the water to take it. Water is so amazing at how it can move things for us and return them to the mother for transmutation. I felt the release from my cells. I then was guided to seek a massage from someone who understood energy to further facilitate my body’s release. Today at the farmer’s market, a friend introduced me to someone who she said gave great massages. As I looked at her, I understood that she was the one to help me with this. She understood that also so tomorrow morning, I will have a session. She said that she will have some information to share with me and I said, “Yes, I know that you will.” These synchronicities are happening more and more in my life. I think of something and it is there for me. I am in the flow of life and trusting that stream more and more.

The divine mother did come through in Santa Fe

on the last night that my two friends and I were together. It was unexpected as one of my friend’s flight was cancelled. So we had the gift of an extra evening. I felt the call for a ceremony at the beautiful womb rock outside the front door. We lit some sweet grass gifted to me from a grandmother in Mount Shasta. We offered our thanks for the time we had shared. And the Mother came through and acknowledged our work, telling us our time with our swords was over. We could let down our warrior selves and embrace our divine feminine fully. She gifted us each with a crown of stars. The crowns lay in the rock cavity and we were told to put them on. It felt beautiful and light on my head. Stars..imagine! We are to walk with the knowledge of our beauty in the world and hold our heads high. This may seem like the stuff of fairy tales and I realize how I do want to live in the world of fairies, dragons, angels, nature sprites and wonders.

As I drove through the desert and passed Las Vegas with its glitz and glamor, I saw that we are enticed in with castles with flags flying and other fantasy buildings. We want the world of fun and freedom but have been fed such a poor substitute. Our souls yearn for the real deal. I sat at a buffet eating my breakfast (it was the only choice for food) and watched the vacant faces eating piles of food but not being fed. I had to pass the casino where the slot machines rang out and felt the hollowness of it all.

We want to live in the magic lands that our souls know of. A post from a channel I respect just came out called the Wheel of Fortune speaking to this issue:
It truly is upon us and if we tune in to our hearts, we can feel it. If we listen with our ears and see with our eyes what is being fed to us to incite the fear in our beings…….it looks like the world is collapsing. We have to come to center, move into our hearts and hold fast to our inner knowing. I have been accused of being a “Pollyanna”, seeing only the bright side of life. As a visionary, it is my work and my gift. And finally, I am seeing it come into fruition. This is the time of claiming our mastery. We are all masters or we would not be on the planet now. We are being tested, the final run through before the party begins in earnest. Can we hold through this last scene and win our badges of honor? Yes, we can as the human spirit is mighty and we rise to each challenge with our hearts on fire. Crowns of stars are only the beginning. I want the full costume! Let’s turn our heart lights on and blaze our way through this last night.

The last photo was an angel wing that accompanied me through the desert my last night of driving. They are here with us.

2 thoughts on “Sobbing to Serenity in a Day……whew!

  1. You ARE creating all of your experiences, every one of them, including the continual doubt/searching.

    When you decide that 'what you are continually wanting your life to be' is here/now, then you will cease your seeking, traveling, and home-less-ness. YOU do not require the continual "guidance" from others, seen or unseen, but you believe you do, so that is ALL that you do……you continualy search/travel/wait. But it is within you here and now, you only need to decide it is. Others do not have the right answers for you, including me.

    Be at peace, trust your SELF and cease giving your power away to all others that you define as 'guidance'. Your great sorrow is you, ignoring YOU…….and yet, YOU will continually honor your choices to seek answers from others, for as long as you choose to do so.

    Much Love and Great Peace~Christie

  2. Dear Pristine Lens,

    I was not sure how to respond to your comment. There is an element of shaming that does not resonate with me. My path seems to trigger something in you.
    I am following my truth.
    I respect your perspective and will take the peace and love that you offer.
    I offer it back to you with an open heart.

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