Blue Rays, Speeding through Time

Ok, can you see this blue ray coming from the cloud? I found it fascinating. I was whooping and screaming in my car: ” Yes, blue ray masters and angels! We are here now!!! Archangel Michael, El Morya and all the other blue ray masters and angels were screaming along with me. What a cool sign! I ask for fun on my long drives, often there is not much. But this was a gift that I celebrated :)

We are being massively rewired, yet again. Fatigue is making my body feel like it is moving through molasses. Fortunately, Maxie is under no such rrestraint and moves like the wind through the many miles of rock and sky. I heard that the earth is recalibrating with her axis changes (an acquaintance told me her scientist friend in Antarctica was amazed at how evident the shift was there). As she changes, we do also. Steve Rother and his group channeled this month about the new sleep patterns. We will sleep for about 3 hours, be awake for 2 or so and then sleep again for 2 or 3 hours. Later in the day, we may need an hour or so of deep sleep. If we moan at being awake at 3am and tell ourselves that we will be exhausted, we will be. But if we see it as our new healthy pattern, then it will be! Lately I have been experiencing nausea again as dense energies are being released to allow more light in. Truly, so many physical symptoms are our bodies reactions to the upgrades that we will be glad of. I am already glad as I want to be moving right along with my mother earth. Don’t leave me behind!! I am coming:)

This picture is from Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona. It is right on the border of Utah. It was

a wonder to see the slot in the earth and descend into it. What beauty! A friend had recommended that I visit as it felt to her like the heart of the earth. The walls curved around you as you made your way deeper into the canyon. I felt like I was held in her womb. Rocks can be soft and caressing..who knew? Sensual and so feminine. The young Navajo guide played his flute for us and the sound in the canyon felt primal and just right. I would like to buy a native flute as it looks like something that I could play with in nature. Another way to sing to her and interact with her energies. I passed a place called, Vermilion cliffs and indeed

the red and pink layers were bright and beautiful. I turned to make my way to the Grand Canyon. Once I was at the turnoff and saw that the campgrounds were full, I hesitated. A 90 mile round trip to make the detour with no resting place at the end. I was so tired as I had slept in the back seat of my car the night before. All the hotels were full in Page and the campground was for rvs so just gravel. I did not feel like laying down on it with the street lights shining so I emptied my canvases onto the picnic table and crawled in with my pillow and all the windows open to catch whatever breeze there was. Slept ok but it was a short cramped night. To explore and hike I needed some energy and it had been expanded in the canyon hike that morning. So…..I left the Grand Canyon for another day when I could be present with all of myself. At times our minds have an agenda but I find that I have to keep checking in to see what is true at the moment. For me, this moment found me cruising across rock and red sands, hitting a bit of Utah and then dropping into the desert of Nevada. Cruising through Las Vegas was a trip. Part of me wanted to get one of their cheap hotel rooms and see the sights but the larger part wanted to get through that energy as quickly as possible. It felt too chaotic to me in my tired state. I began to see mirages on the road ahead and stopped at a lone outpost casino. No other hotels around so I spent my first night ever in a casino/hotel. Cheap room with a window looking out on the highway and sky so it suited me. I am now sitting in the buffet room, eating breakfast and amazed at all the ages and types of folks attracted to this place. Interesting experience, probably not one I will repeat but that is what experience is for. To discover what we resonate with or not. Now ready to head to lovely California and some reconnection time with friends and family. Conversations with friends up north so much to look forward to on this journey to find my skipping place. I am feeling grateful for all of it this morning.

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  1. yes, you would feel her resonance. it was sacred land and I am so glad that it provides a source of income for the Navajo.

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