Settling in at Mount Shasta

I have slept my first two nights at a lovely campground just outside of Mount Shasta on Lake Siskiyou. I can see the mountain peak from my picnic table and that gives me great pleasure. Yesterday I met a new friend who took me to a quieter access to the lake. We swam and sunbathed and chatted. So nice to share the afternoon with such a dear heart. I had first camped 15 miles south of Shasta at a state park Making the transition to Shasta was a bit confusing in the heat of the day with many different reports of whether it was advisable to camp on the mountain at the primitive sites. Snow still makes many of the

areas inaccessible. I opted against isolation and cold temperatures to this more moderate setting. You see I am learning…it does not have to be hard! That was the old me. This campsite/resort is close to town, there are other folks around, beach and store nearby, lake where you can rent kayaks and canoes and my campsite is on the back loop so backs up against the forest. I can’t see any other campers from my site. The women assigning me the site was a bit concerned about me wanting the back loop, thought it was too isolated for me on my own. I assured her that was my idea of heaven. She said, “well, give a loud shout if you need someone and there ought to be someone close enough to hear.” Lovely how she wanted to care for me.

During the process of finding this campsite, I went through a range of emotions. I felt brave to once again be out charting waters, having no idea what it is I am looking for. I felt a bit weary of this nomad life. I felt a responsibility to have it all figured out for my son, who had joined me as well as for friends who are coming in next week for an event. I know that I am only responsible for me but the thought was there. I felt fatigue as I adjusted to the altitude and mountain air. I felt a sense of chaos in the town itself as I tried to find my way around. I felt unhappy that I was receiving no further guidance to help me make my way. When will I give up this notion of finding Shan

g-ra-la? My personality self is ready for a little cottage to call home with a garden out back to play in. Yet my soul keeps following this mysterious calling to my greater home. I know the journey is important but I began to wonder that perhaps two years of journeying is enough. I thought of all the lovely places that I had been offered to rest for a longer stint of time and yet left. Why? Why did I go on when I could have been comfortable? These are some of the thoughts that swirled through my mind.

Ah….my son booked on out, back to spend a couple of days celebrating his girlfriend’s birthday. Watched abandonment issues come up…and go. Once I got my tent set up and settled in, peace returned. Birds are flitting about the campsite, children’s voices rise and fall in shrieks from the lake, bees buzz. The mountain retains his dignity against the blue sky. I am sheltered by two huge pine trees that provided a wonderful canopy during a late afternoon thunderstorm that blew in. My tent’s rainfly did its work beautifully and the trees took good care of me so that I could be in the storm without getting drenched.

Dreams have been interesting. I had a life review one night. I was with an angelic being and we went through my life with a fine tooth comb. I awoke several times during the night with that is what that was about! Each time, I would go back into the review and proceed. It was not easy nor fun but

at the end I felt good about what I had done thus far. I was told that it was necessary to complete before I could meet my beloved. Hmmm…ok then, check that off the list. The next night, I dreamt of experiencing events in this current life differently. I felt the pain of other choices as if they were indeed the ones that I had made. Some alternate reality show, it seems. Met a famous artist who admonished me that it was time to do my art and create infinity symbols! I had just completed a drawing that had a series of infinity symbols between a couple’s hearts and their

chalice of the heart. That is the Creator’s light pouring into the chalice as She/He forms the trinity of their union, asking for Her/His participation in what is created by their love.

Yes, I can feel the art needing expression. Another reason for a place to be, to have space for art making on a bigger scale.

There is energy building for this event next week, an opening of a portal to Shamballa. Many folks are coming in to town and I am excited to be with some old friends and meet others that I have know of from the internet or read their work. I know that I am anchoring peace here and helping to set the stage for the event. It feels like I will meet members of my soul family and that will inform my next step. Maybe I am really Nancy Drew or Miss Marple in a detective novel, following the clues to this mysterious life on planet earth! So, one clue…..head to Shasta, could be for the summer. Check. Find a place to stay……that has not panned out yet but while it is summer, camping suits me just fine. I love sleeping on the ground and having a ceiling of stars to look at during the night. Some things are more of a challenge, like charging my cell phone as I am not driving enough to do it in the car and so need to head into a cafe in town and sit next to an outlet. Same for the computer. I am typing this at my campsite and then need to head into town to get connected to the internet to post it. So…..communication is a bit trickier. I miss reading some of my favorite sites and blog posts but you can’t sit at a cafe as long as I used to be on the internet at night when I have connection. I need to charge up my little shuffle so that I can listen to my meditations and songs. Today I will browse the bookstore for a new novel to entertain me at night.

My son will soon be back with me as will a dear friend who is coming for two weeks. So this alone time is fleeting which makes me savor it more. So off to town for internet, charging electronics, ice for the cooler and a novel. Then the afternoon by the water..oh, yes, need to get some more sunscreen as I got burnt from my time out yesterday. Baby white skin and intense sun….ow! Moving slowly with the gentleness I feel in the air today.

A Matter of Which View You Want to Look At

I love this picture that is framed by my son’s car window on our recent trip to Colorado. There is some magic that happens when we frame a view, it brings it into focus and can make a more intimate connection. The Rockies were so huge and awe inspiring, by framing this view, I can more easily find a resonance within it. I LOVE choosing how to frame experiences, emotions, and life in this way. I used to have some pretty narrow, dark views but now they are so full of beauty. Anything that is not, is no longer even up for framing…..I shift my attention to a view that I enjoy and bask in it. I have asked to let go of memories, I do not need any. What, even the good ones, you ask? Yes, even those. I trust that there are many more good ones to come. Better in fact than any I have experienced to date! I want more room to decorate with the beauty that gets brighter by the day. The more we notice the beauty, the more there is to see. People’s hearts are the most beautiful of all sights. I cherish those views in my heart.

It is late, fireworks going off in the neighborhood making it difficult to sleep. Just watched this utube video of Steve Rother who channels the “group”, a group of spirits from “Home” or the other side of the veil. I like his work and listen to his monthly channel. Here it is:
It spoke to what I have been feeling of late. My son is getting huge downloads of information and is trying to write it down and figure out how to best present it to an audience. Steve’s group is saying, “don’t wait!” The energies have amped up considerably and they are quick, quick! We are getting new hits of ideas and thoughts and he is encouraging us to anchor them into our 3D world in some tangible way. Hence, this blog post late at night…

I can feel this happening. I have felt whiffs of movement come to me, streams that I have followed for the past two years. I am pretty adept at this by now, letting the currents take me where they will. The group is saying that is necessary now as we no longer have time to ponder and plan as that keeps us stuck. We move and then life lines up with our movement. I so like this way of being. It suits me much better even though I once was a master at planning and preparing. I like change. I like quickness. I like newness. I am feeling the magic of this once folks get the hang of it. It is freedom and wow, isn’t that what we all crave?

4th of July is here and we celebrate a freedom that has been mostly illusion. We have lived lives of such routine and intense pressure yet we told ourselves we lived in the land of the free. Now we have the opportunity to truly take a step towards that freedom. We are the creators and are once again awakening to our role. I spend time each day, in a dreamy state where I vision my reality. I love that we will be able to manifest what we need, no more packing and shifting heaps of “stuff”. Just think it there or think it gone. There will be no need to accumulate things as you will know that when a need arises, you can fill it. That will be a freedom that I plan on enjoying! How about seeing an image of a beautiful beach and then thinking ourselves there. Yes, there is so much freedom at hand. I see a world where everyone has enough food, clean water and shelter ……can you imagine how freeing that will be on a deep gut level for all of us? The freedom to discover our note to add to the earth’s tone. Freedom from a working to live, life. Freedom from caring for our things, freedom from the constraints of time. Freedom to create a world that we can hand down to our children and grandchildren with pride. A world where harmony, peace, cooperation, unity and love are the norm. Where we live in the moments and those moments can stretch and contract as we desire. Where “being” is a skill we all have and use for the upliftment of all.

There are so many ways to use our freedom. Think of areas of your life where you want more freedom and begin to imagine that it is yours. Once you set your intention, you will be guided on how to get there… for the signs. Today I saw a vision of Mount Shasta and one of her lakes, shining in a misty light. I saw violet light then surround the scene. This for me, is the mountain’s calling card, saying, “Come, come home to me now.” I finish packing the camping gear tomorrow and then head off. You can be sure that I will be attuned to the next sign on the way.

Being Seen and Seeing Myself for Who I Really Am

It has been a beautiful day, flowing into the new energies of love that are here for us all to tap into. It has been interesting to observe my world and how I am moving through it. This past week has been a testing period of old energies resurfacing to see if I am ready to let go, once and for all. I found myself thinking of people that had rejected me and wanting to go to them and give them a hug or call them and connect somehow. As I described this to my son, he helped me to see ( sometimes talking to another who you resonate with can bring things to the surface so much more quickly) that those were impulses of the old me. I tried so many times to connect through the heart with folks who chose not to connect in that way. I did it for the sake of the kids or the family or some other obligation. Today I felt such love my courageous heart that would go into hostile environments time and time again.

That time is now over, as in honoring myself, I can choose to reside in energies that support and nourish me. I can be with folks who love me and see me for who I am. I am enjoying being recognized for my part in this grand scheme of things. A friend who is graciously hosting me at present said that I should not leave as “the neighborhood needs a resident mystic.” I loved that! After a lifetime of not fitting in, I have a place. People have come up to me and thanked me for my earth work. Today someone posted on facebook a thank you for some earth grid work that I am not conscious of on this level. Yet when I read the description, which she suggested I sit with and feel, I began to cry as I could feel it in my body that indeed, I had been doing that very work she described. It was humbling and reminded me of how deep is my love for our Mother Earth and all who reside on her.

I am ready to move and live completely in the new energies. Mount Shasta seems to hold this for me as the next step. When I listen to lovely music or go into my dreamy space, I often have visions of my community. I love to see who has shown up and what everyone is up to. I was delighted to see that a couple of folks who have turned from my love in anger, were happily greeting me with such love as I saw myself returning from a trip out to other such communities. (Yes, they will be everywhere!) We were so glad of one another and they knew the truth of my heart and of our love. My heart simply soared at this! I thought of our Mother/Father God and how they must feel when we acknowledge and turn to their love once again. Bliss!

So, I step out of the world in one sense and into the new more fully. I can feel more of my soul family beginning to gather as we chose to live in these new open hearted energies. It is time to gather and be a lighthouse that beams out to the world. The time of holding our candle aloft alone is over. We will gather and lift our flames high, generating much more light as a collective. It is time to bring in the magic and try on our new skills. As a vision keeper; I need nature, a field of resonance with those around me and stillness. I am grateful for Mount Shasta’s call and grateful for the answering echo in my heart that carries me there.

New Moon and Eclipse Leaves Me Floating

What a day! Another solar eclipse and the new moon to set our intentions by. The energies

had been streaming in pretty heavily for the past couple of days for me. A need for long naps and sleep ins. Quiet, interior time. I found myself not wanting to drive or go out into the world much. Today dawned with a softness, blue sky and sun. I awoke from a dream where I made the discovery that my kids and I would love one another’s chosen partners. I was laughing in my dream as my son was saying, ” If they are the right one, we will all love them.” I agreed and knew that it would because each partner would know, love and honor themselves. We will all be whole. What a lovely thought to begin my day!

My friend and I had planned on going up in the mountains for a hike, a couple hour drive away. We connected and both had the same realization that today was not a day to go far. It was a day to stay quiet and close to home. I love when the universe lines up with my feelings! Instead, we went for a walk in the local nature center, taking her crystal bowls and our ceremony things. We went to the American River, scooped some water into the bowls and

began to play them. We set our intention for the water to be

crystalline and purified and tossed it back to the river to travel its swift current out into the waters of the earth. As we were playing the bowls, a whole gaggle (don’t you love that word?) of geese came swimming along. They walked out onto the shore and clustered all around us. They seemed to enjoy the sound of the bowls as much as we did.

I had written out my intentions for this new moon and second half of this year. I burned the paper and we offered tobacco and cornmeal to the earth and the waters. Every time I do ceremony with my friend, I see us in our priestess robes conducting

similar ceremonies. It seems that it would add to the fun to have the pretty outfits as we modern day mystics look pretty drab. I think that our society could use some brightening up in this regard. As we assume our new roles, I like the idea of new costumes. Maybe that is what my friend and I will do with our idea for beautiful clothing for women. As the divine feminine makes her return to the planet, we need the clothing to match.

Here is my offering topped with one of the geese’s feathers.
As we made our way out of the park, we met a woman volunteer, tending the gardens around the nature center building. We stopped and chatted and my friend played her bowl for her. The woman was enchanted and felt that she had been touched by magic. We did also.

The whole day felt magical and soft. I could feel the energies of love permeating the air. I saw a friend for a brief but delightful conversation and hug, joined an hour meditation for the earth in which we connected on the grid with thousands of others, ate a yummy tuna salad that my friend received the idea of during our meditation, (very practical info can come during meditations!) grocery shopped and planned a brunch with a friend, had a delightful conversation with my daughter with news of a new job, saw a hummingbird sitting on her tiny tea cup of a nest, saw young hawks in their nest, found some beautiful black and white feathers from a woodpecker that seems to have become the dinner that mama hawk was carrying to her young, baked chocolate chip cookies and shared a dinner of chard and beets with friends. I feel so blessed!

I believe that love is in the air and it feels grand. People’s hearts are being softened by the love that our Creator, our Galactic brothers and sisters, the ascended masters, the angels and our sun are beaming our way. How privileged we are to witness this transformation.

Walking on the Edge

I love this picture that I took of two friends who joined me for our play day in the snow. We were getting our Rocky Mountain high! It feels almost surreal which is exactly how life feels to me now. We are walking between worlds and some days this is easier than others. I have been receiving calls from friends and family who are struggling with this transition. They report feeling depressed, weepy, angry, apathetic, sad. A range of feelings that do not seem very pleasant. We are leaving our old way of life where we lived so much of the time, with our hearts tucked away in order to deal with the harshness, busyness and mundaneness of the “work to live” life. We all had our moments of joy and some did better than others in melding their working with their passion. For many that was not the case.

Now we are entering a time where our hearts are coming out of hiding, they want to be seen and felt 24 hours a day. This is causing clearing as all the painful emotions that came up in this life and many others, that have not been fully felt, are now demanding a hearing. They want to be expressed. It may mean that there is a river of tears waiting to flow or a tirade of anger. If you can get in observer mode and simply watch yourself feeling and expressing all that comes up, it lessens the sense of being out of control. It can be frightening to feel so much after years of keeping our hearts under wraps.

The beautiful aspect of this is that each time you fully feel an emotion, it clears the air and literally, you are able to breath easier. There is such a sense of freedom! We are being asked to do this clearing, think of it as your earth work. Mother Earth carries our weight and when we have unexpressed emotions, they are like heavy rocks upon her heart that she then must deal with. As I clear my heart space, I lighten her load and we are freer in our relationship. I am no longer the teenager throwing angry words at her with my unresolved feelings. (Those of you who have raised teenagers know exactly what I mean, the way the words can land like rocks in her heart). I am a mature adult who can enjoy my mother’s company with a newfound sense of delight in her wisdom and beauty! That feels grand, let me tell you.

The new earth energy is streaming in as light and love. As it enters our bodies, all that is not light and love, is pushed to the surface. The love is like a radar that picks up all the shadow substances that we hid, feeling that it was too awful, too shameful to be brought to the light of day. It is time now to embrace every part of who we are. We have been fed a lie that there was anything about us that was not beautiful. I can hear the protests, “Well, that part surely is not pretty, or my God, I stole something…surely that is shameful. Or I purposely took advantage of someone for my own gain.” It matters not what we have done, it is time to love that part of ourselves and let it go. Each of us was doing the very best that we could at the moment. Feel the power of that sentence. Surely you can feel this for those you love as you forgive them lapses in judgment. Now feel that same compassion for yourself. We were as conscious as we could be and acted on what we knew and with the skills that we had at that moment.

That does not mean that we will not desire to make amends. Our hearts open and of course we want to reach out to anyone that we have wronged or hurt in any way. That is part of our beauty……we are love and we want to express that love to all. Our hearts rush to right wrongs and express the love that flows through us.

So, do not fear this in between world space. Before you know it, we will all walk around with our hearts wide open knowing that there is no longer anything to fear. But it happens one heart at a time. Each day, we are being called to play our part. You can know that as you embrace your own beauty and let your heart light shine, you allow our Mother to transition with ease and grace and well being for all. You light up your circle of influence. You create a pathway for others to follow. Each of us, widens that path, cuts through the brambles and turns to encourage our brothers and sisters to come along.

What could be more beautiful? So I watch each day to see what triggers come my way. When I see anything in the outside world that moves me from my peace, I laugh. Yes, here it comes, let’s see what this is. I no longer am concerned if I understand it all, it matters not. I simply allow the emotions to move through me. It is happening much quicker these days, I can sob for 30 seconds (I mean really boo hoo!) and it is done. Believe me this is a change from the hours long sob sessions that came through me when I first began this clearing. Anger can be a flash and it is over. I congratulate myself for all of it. I am so amazing!!

I know that you are so amazing. I am shining your light back at you……it is brilliant and makes my heart sing to see its beauty. I love you. Oh yeah, you are me!! hee hee, how could I not love you?!