Take the Mask Off

I have been getting the message the past few days that it is time to lose the masks. It is time to read the energetic signature of each person in front of us without the filter of a label. Forget uncle, sister, mom…….and all the societal baggage that those words trigger in our beings. It is time to drop all labels. To let go of our roles. To remove our masks and be who we truly are without worrying what others will think. What if I do not honor my mother? What if I stop this obligatory relationship that makes me feel small? What if I move towards freedom?

I remember how shocked folks were when asking about my family of origin. What! You do not have a relationship with your mother?? There is that panic that you have slipped out of the traces and are upsetting the structure that we base so much of our behavior on. We believe that we have to care for someone because of a blood tie. Yet, it is often times, not a bond of love but rather obligation. The joy is not there. For myself, I let go of most of my family of origin more than a score ago. (isn’t that a funny word? A score meaning twenty years). It was toxic and I carried it for years like a weight around my neck. When it began to imprint my children, I stepped away. (ok, my parents disowned me as I spoke the truth about a family secret) Later they tried to rope me back in with shaming tactics). So I have been freed from obligations of the familial nature for years and years. There have been plenty of times when I yearned for family ties that my friends have but it was not my situation. My father-in-law who recently passed was a relationship that I felt fondness for. But he had disappeared into his own world years ago. Now that tie is gone and there is only the tie of my adult children. I am blessed in that we have shifted from the roles and mask wearing to talk and see one another from a sense of joy and upliftment rather than obligation. I know that it is not that common but we came in with a soul agreement to support one another in our work. It is a blessing to me.

Soul families are gathering and we are feeling the freedom and joy that comes from the resonance that we feel with one another. Here is where home can truly be felt in the way that we are beginning to remember more and more. The connections are deep and from the heart and each takes care of themselves so there is no wondering what someone needs or what is the right thing to do. What a relief! When we are each in our joy, doing and being what is our highest good, it cannot interfere with another. If we align with our highest good and the highest good of all……it is a walk in the park! We can simply be with one another, sharing our gifts and hearts. I love tuning into the harmonics of it as the groups begin to gather. There is a tone that affirms the rightness of the match. It feels like we are finally mature enough to really play together! We have mastered much of our egos and have learned to not take things personally. We have let go of our need to control anyone or anything. We have lost the need to compete with one another, knowing that we live in an abundant universe and there is enough for all. We are feeling a deep desire for peace. We want to live in unity with the earth and her elemental kingdoms. We are no longer looking for something or someone outside of us to define us or complete us. We are beginning to recognize that we are masters playing a game. We can take off our masks, congratulate one another on a game well played and move into the joy of co-creating heaven on our beautiful earth.

Espavo! Which means, thank you for taking your power.

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  1. This is like my story and I loved reading it and enjoying the expressions from someone else’s pov. Thank you! Espavo

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