Quiet Integration

Whew…after the Friday and Saturday events, I opted out of Sunday’s gathering. The Elohim Peace channeled through me on Saturday and she wanted me to be still and integrate all that had been given. We were given the knowing that Shamballa is inside us. The seeds are there to be nourished and grown.

This picture is of a quiet spot that I found to sit with my back against a huge tree that had its roots growing out over the water. The sky was overcast and created a mood that matched my own. The lake added its part with its reflection of the mountains and sky. I felt that I became part of the landscape as we all blended in that space of peace. Serenity. The blues and whites and muted greens…..mmmm. I could drink this scene and be drunk by it. At times, doesn’t it seem so apparent that we are part of everything? That this tree and I are one, this water is me, I am that mountain side. Yes, unity is becoming more evident every day.

Opting out of events and listening to my inner guidance is getting easier for me as I feel more clarity about who I am. There were aspects to the gathering on Saturday, that did not feel right for me. There are rituals and expressions of Spirit that feel too dramatic, too heavy and old to me. I saw that the labels of New Age and Spirituality, felt confining. I chose to move away from the woo woo aspect and live a life of simplicity and peace. There seems to be as much baggage with the labels of New Age as there is with Christianity. I hesitate to say that I am a Christian, though I recognize Jesus as the master that he is, as I do not fit so much of the thoughts that come with the label. In the same way, I no longer fit the Spiritual or New Age description. Mystic… I might be able to carry that one. Yet, I wish to move away from all labels. I do not want to be set apart from anyone or anything.

I want to live like these horses that over- whelmed me with their beauty. This is what I choose. I watched the foals, standing on their wobbly legs, looking about for their mother. The herd moved about with such peace and grace. I was mesmerized by the flow as they moved from spot to spot in the field. They seemed to be so in harmony with their surroundings. Many shades and colorings, male and female, young and old. All grazing with such peace. I am grateful for the vibration that they infused my heart with. I can carry it and feed it so that it grows. I can connect to my mother, Gaia and choose to walk my path in this harmony with her. I can know that my needs will be provided just as the grass is there for these beautiful horses. I can appreciate the beauty of my surroundings as I am sure these horses do. I can live in peace with my herd, knowing that there is enough for everyone and that as a herd, we will care for each other. So many gifts to ponder as I quietly allow the integration.

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