Musings from the Mountain

This past weekend has been one of much learning and growth. I was excited about attending a gathering to open a portal to Shamballa. I felt the energies building and had a couple of lovely experiences leading up to the event. First, I had a reading with a woman who channeled Archangel Michael and St Germain for me. I asked for my job description and St Germain said that I could be called Johnny Appleseed as I spread seeds of peace about the earth. That resonated as the idea of seeding the new consciousness has been a large part of Maxie (my car) and my mission these past two years. He also said that I could call myself a temple builder. He said that I am a template of peace. I did not realize that we could be templates but was assured that my elder son and I, are. The temple builder fits as I have had visions and memories of other lifetimes, creating sacred temples. The knowing is in my cells. He showed me that the temple or community, begins with peace and from there, all else flows. It infuses the way the children are educated, the way that food is grown, the way health is maintained. It is the source from which all the structures are created. That felt so right as peace is the feeling that I want to experience and live. By starting there, it allows all to flow from that vibration. I recall my days as an administrator at a charter school. It was so easy to get caught up in all the regulations and systems and forget that it was all about the kids! I found myself bringing that reminder to the fore again and again. I know that I can hold a focus. I am a vision keeper. To hold the focus of peace, a community of light can be formed. I felt a sense of peace simply thinking of this!

Later I was sitting with a friend and speaking of spirals of peace. She felt there was something in the spiral for me. We went into meditation and the Elohim of Peace came through me. Oh, the vibration of peace is so nourishing! She took me into the temple of peace to feel it fully

and then invited me to take the temple into each of my cells. It is a golden temple and the beauty is breathtaking. There is a languidness, a cadence that slows all down. I felt golden light flow through me. I wanted to melt into the earth with this flow. She asked me to breathe into the peace, to fully open to her gift. She showed me the seeds that I carry and how I plant them on the earth and in people. I watched in amazement as the seeds began to sprout. Mother Gaia nourishes with her rich soil and Father Sun encourages with his beautiful rays. The angelic kingdom, the ascended masters and our open hearts add the love. I watched the blossoming forth of people, each was a beautiful flower, of every color and hue. The fragrances were intoxicating. As they blossomed, I heard the tones of each one. The beauty filled all my senses. Our senses are being amped up, I could smell and see and hear things that I have never experienced before. Soon, we will all be given these heightened sensory perceptions.

I saw how my intention of each footstep, each mile that I drive be a step for peace, does work! The golden elixir is gifted to the earth and helps to reclaim her soil. What a simple thing, to intend each morning that your feet step forth in peace throughout your day. Over and over, I am shown that our simple intentions have an impact beyond our imagining. I am so grateful to Peace for her gift to me and for the role that I am asked to play. To give peace, to live peace, to be peace. To carry the seeds and plant them where I am directed. It gives a context to my wandering and makes me laugh at the connection to old Johnny Appleseed!

Linda Peaceseed…hmm. Doesn’t have the same ring to it. Guess I will stick with seed carrier. No wonder I love clothes with pockets, to carry all my seeds!

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