Opening the Pathway to Yourself

Traveling with my oldest son to Colorado. We were sharing some of our recent aha’s. My son had watched a movie on netfliks called The Quantum Activist. He was excited how science and spirituality have joined paths. Science, especially quantum physics is proving what the mystics have been saying for thousands of years. In this program, a physicist talks about how in “being” we allow infinite possibilities to present themselves through our imagination. Once we take action and “do” we collapse the field into one “reality”. Therefore, the frenetic “doing” that has been the cultural norm, has kept us locked into one pattern. We have been enslaved by this doing to the point of living very narrow lives. I used to marvel at the way my world opened up when I took a vacation and was able to step out of the matrix for a time. New possibilities presented themselves. Joy and harmony seemed to be within reach.The recommendation was to become be-ers more and do-ers less. Abraham Hicks reinforces this concept with taking the emotional journey first, the imagination set free, then the action journey requires so much less.

A friend shared something that she had heard of Mother Teresa. Supposedly she had a policy with her initiates that for every hour they worked with the poor, they must spend two hours nurturing themselves. This is the idea that we can only give what overflows after we have topped up our own tank. We need time to connect with our Creator and receive Her/His gifts. As we do, we feel the joy of the love and naturally want to share it. But we have been deceived and taught that it is selfish to give to yourself. Selfish to sit and be. We must be productive to be of value. Now if that does not sound like an enslaving belief, I do not know what is! How many years, well 50 actually!, did I believe this lie. I am so grateful to have claimed my freedom and stepped out of this programming.

This photo spoke to me. There are so many obstacles in front of that doorway to our authentic self. Look at the one door open beyond the crane and post. Open yet it is boarded up. We not only have to make it to the open door of ourselves, we often have to dismantle the parts that remain closed. We do this by being! Being in our joy. Sitting and really seeing a flower. Watching the play of light through the leaves. Communing with a tree, a rock. Holding a baby in our arms. Seeing the starlight in our beloved’s eyes. We are gifted with so many opportunities, Mother Nature provides myriad openings.

You may feel that you have no free time to give to this. Yet, if you could see how time spent in your joy radiates so much more light than time spent doing “good” that is not filling your heart with joy. If your heart is not singing in the doing, then it is best to find what makes it sing. Let go of the programming that tells you that this is a way to serve, this is how I can help people. To live your joy is the greatest gift we can give those we love and those we do not know. The impact is wide and deep. And it feels good!!! I love the win win aspect of the Universe. We give to ourselves, and we gift others. We honor ourselves, and we honor others. We love ourselves and we are then able to love others. It all begins with ourselves! We have had it backwards for so long.

A deep breath of gratitude as I begin a new day of adventuring with my son who came in understanding how to “be”.

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