Finding our Balance

As I sat at the airport on my return from my East coast visit, I watched as people attempted to find purchase on these stools. The table had plugs for computers and iphones so it attracted users. The problem was that the stools were made for giants, folks at least six foot tall. It was interesting to see how every one’s feet were clawing at the air, trying to find a landing spot. Once they realized that there was none, they resorted to crossing their feet as the closest thing to comfort that they could find. Everyone

did the same thing, no one sat with their feet dangling separately. I thought of the ways we seek balance in our bodies and our lives. These poorly designed stools were forcing folks to find comfort in their own bodies by anchoring through their feet as best they could. It demonstrated to me how intuitively, we seek balance. We seek groundedness and connection with the earth. We are not comfortable hanging in space yet that is exactly what the new energies of this incredible summer, are like. We can no longer rest our feet comfortably on many of our former beliefs, values, ideas, or truths. New ideas are springing forth, as much of the old ways are crumbling around us. Outer security is a thing of the past as we experience weather changes, economic turmoil and unrest around the world.

We are challenged to find a way to perch in these new times. First comes the frantic scrambling as we search for the old base to rest on. Once we discover that it is gone, we look around to see how others are coping. We adopt the folding of the feet as a measure of calm, feeling awkward and uncomfortable but not as panicked. This way will not be sustainable for long but it gets us through to the next.

A giant of a man took the stool in front of me. His feet easily rested on the floor and he radiated calm and stability. I saw that he was a wayshower of sorts as we are to grow and expand in order to be comfortable in these new energies. Our physical vessels may not grow (and then again, they may!) yet our spirits are being called to expand into who we really are. We are being asked to allow our I AM presence to come fully into this body and take the reins. I invite mine, dear Sophia, to sit in the driver’s seat of my heart each day. I speak with my ego, Henry and remind him that he has retired and may rest in the back seat. He occasionally does the typical backseat driver bit and calls out directions but Sophia and I smile and proceed. We gently remind him that he is no longer in charge and should sit back and enjoy the scenery. He has earned his retirement and we are grateful to him for getting us this far on the journey.
So, it is a time of finding a sense of comfortableness within the changing world around us. Being ok with the unknown. Moving to embrace the unknown and trusting that new ways of balance are being discovered.

This is a Japanese garden that I visited. Such a sense of peace prevailed as I took in the scenery. Balance was evident as the carefully planned landscape enfolded me in a quiet embrace. All the elements in harmony, colors, textures, water, earth, and sky. Manmade structures blended in with the whole.

Today I seek to blend my body. my mind, my heart and soul and sing that note of harmony. I add in the structures of my life and know that beauty prevails. I am filled with gratitude to have moved beyond the leg scrambling for purchase stage. I expand into my being and discover that I can rest my feet firmly on the ground for the moment. And the moment is all that there is.

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