Emerging From the Confusion

This was a beautiful willow sculpture at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens which I recently visited with my aunt. There are layers and layers of branches that have been intertwined into lovely, lyrical sculptural forms. I love the organic nature of these works of art and the way that they sit in the landscape like nests of some unknown creature. I feel as though they could be my nest. As I peeked out of one of the openings and my aunt caught my image, it occurred to me that I have recently emerged from a tangled, jumbled time of criss-crossing paths and intertwining timelines to land in this present moment. I have traveled the four directions of Canada and the USA with no real knowing other than tuning in daily to the call of Spirit. I could not articulate what I was doing though I knew that it was mine to do. Mostly it was being and driving! Lots of driving in my dear Maxie, she of the rainbow light.

I am emerging into a clearing, an opening within myself that offers an overview of my soul’s journeying. These past two weeks have provided me with a deeper knowing of my path and its relation to the whole. I have been gifted with the knowledge of my mission. I know that this is the time that I came for. I had been telling everyone that it took 55 years but now I am at the juncture of my soul’s main thrust for this embodiment. I felt it before I knew it. Now the knowledge has come in to join the feeling and there is so much gratitude and awe. I am expanding and integrating this newness.

I returned to the West Coast last night and am resting with all that has occurred. My travel day yesterday was filled with profound blessings. The synchronicities that lined up just made me laugh. Of course, this person who I knew to start a conversation with, turned out to hold a key for me. Of course, as I passed a phone call off to my friend to continue with another while I said my goodbyes, healings occurred with the others. It was a day that flowed with beauty.

Now today I am resting and integrating. Knowing that the next steps will be coming to point me on my way. I know that there is movement afoot and perhaps quite a bit of it again. I have been told of a land far away where I am to reside. I feel only acceptance and peace. There is nothing for me to do. I do not have to go there now. I do not have to figure out how I will or any of the wheres. whens, whos. I am simply to flow with Spirit in love and gratitude. I have been given a partner of light to share my mission with. Not a romantic partner but a twining that strengthens and nourishes me. We are not to be together, we will be in opposite directions as we do our work. This does not dismay me, it simply is. I accept this and feel the joy of the coming together in spirit to do this work and the comfort of the connection that phones and email can bring. I am being gifted with all that I need for the task at hand. I trust that I will continue to expand as I need to in order to carry out this plan.

The biggest message has been that it will all be done in joy! There is to be no efforting, no pushing, pulling, lifting up. It is all new energy that moves so fluidly and I know how to use it! The time of magic and miracles that I have been expecting, knowing was to come, has arrived. I was a couple of years off this timeline but now all has lined up.

More and more of us will begin to be given these insights as to our new roles in this new earth. The next six week period will be one of immense change for our planet and our spirits. Our hearts are turning on and we are connecting with our Mother Earth and one another. What a time of rejoicing! I lay here on this couch and breathe deeply of the gift of this moment. I am so grateful to have made it here to be able to flow my love out into the world and to feel the beauty of your hearts, one with mine.

Espavo! (thank you for taking your power)

2 thoughts on “Emerging From the Confusion

  1. That’s so awesome thanks for sharing – I’m glad you have found your path, I find my days filled with joy, light, and laughter nowadays.

    • Dear Marc,
      Thank you for reading! I am so glad that I made it through till this time as truly it is the reward time. Finally, the energies are a match for us. So glad that you are in your joy! Beautifull. Ribbons of liquidlovelight winding your way!

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