New Ways of Creating

Time is such a fluid concept. Days pass and I am floating my way through them of late. I am on the East coast, enjoying time with a friend. We traveled to Virginia for a one day workshop on Sacred Temple Building. Yes, I flew across the country to attend this workshop as when I saw the email, I felt such a hit in my heart that I knew that it was important for me. I had a flash of doing this work in another lifetime and saw that my friend was one who worked with me. The hostess said that when she saw my name, she knew that my coming was important also. We all honored our knowing and opened ourselves to the magic. I truly love the way Spirit works in my life, leading me onward to more of myself all the time.

So here I am in the green, green loveliness of New Jersey and Virginia. The layer upon layer of greens has astounded me as my body has soaked up the moisture like a thirsty plant. Happy, happy! I have had walks in the woods where the mist rising off the ponds has made me feel that I am in the fairy realms.

The sacred temple building was conducted by Freddie Silva, a man who began drawing pyramids from the time he was three years old. He has visited thousands of sacred sites and made a lifetime study of the sacred geometry and elements that mark them. It was fun to witness the power of intention directed towards the elements and feel their response. Everything is about our intention and our sense of appreciation.
Over and over, I am receiving that lesson. Everything in our world is so grateful for attention. The plants, the flowers, the trees, the rocks, the water, the air we breathe. I am becoming so aware of how we all want to be seen and appreciated. Why would it be any different for the elements around us? It was fun to stand in a circle and call in the water to our circle from its underground places as well as the magnetic lines that flow around our earth. We each had brought a stone that we infused with our energy and love and asked it to hold the space for us. We created a hexagon site which is a shape that aids in learning. We created an opening to the East as it facilitates understanding. The power that vibrated in the space after we had called in and added our elements, was amazing. It was a highly energetic day as we shared so much with one another as well as with the land. Our ancestors had such a deep understanding of how to work with the elements of the earth and how to use the power of their intention for the highest good. We are reclaiming these gifts and expanding upon them.

I feel as though I am learning in a new way. A deep knowing comes up in me to meet what is before me. Information flows through my cells, is distilled in my heart and discernment takes place. It then flows out into the world of form. I can then begin to create. But I am co-creating as I am in relationship with the earth and all that resides on her, her different kingdoms, including others like myself. We are moving into a time of remembering how to co-create with one another, the elements and our Mother Earth. It is a beautiful feeling as I feel such a sense of wholeness and joy in this new energy. I like how it moves and I move with it. There is a deep resonance with it as the vibrations move through my body. The time of the mental realm ruling, has come to an end. We truly are learning how to think with our hearts.

A group of 22 ordinary people who believed in the power of intent, was able to create a beautiful sacred space in the space of a day. We dismantled the space at the end of the day as it was created for our learning but we now know how to go out and create sacred spaces wherever we live in the world. We can do it in our living rooms as well as in the great outdoors. The important thing is the doing of it, as to be in such a space allows you to reconnect and access previously unknown parts of yourself. That is what the cathedrals and stone circles and crop circles are all about. We are invited back to com-union with ourselves and our Creator. I am so grateful to be remembering this once again. It is so simple and so profound. All is sacred. All is Holy. We truly can walk through our world in this way and by the power of our intention, make it so.

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