Clearing a Path

Yesterday I spent time clearing the pathway next to the cottage that my friends are so graciously hosting me in. It was rewarding on so many levels. First there was the delight that I felt energy moving through my body that wanted to be used. Hurrah! Second, I was able to breathe in the beauty of the trees, the sun-dappled shade, the birds singing and touching the earth so tangibly. Third, the path was one that my youngest son had been hired to relay years ago (don’t you love friends who support your children!) It was fun to see how well it had held up, only lifting in a couple of spots where the tree roots had grown larger. Fourth, by clearing the plants from the edges, it framed the remaining spaces in such a way that their beauty was more clearly evident.

As I did the final sweep to clear it of all the leaves and debris, I felt an ease in my heart. It seemed to show me a way forward in my life. As we release clutter, belongings, relationships, beliefs, values, ways of doing and being in the world that no longer serve us; our souls can take a deeper breath. We are in a time of great releasing. The path helped me to clearly see how the pruning back of things in my life can be whatever I choose. I can see it as a painful letting go and clearing or I can see it as an opening and release. It is all perspective! More and more, that becomes clear to me as I can see so many different perspectives in a given situation.

Having cleared this path, I can walk more freely down it. There is space to wheel a wheelbarrow or skip to my heart’s content. My arms can swing higher and wider as I step and my heart feels the joy of the openness. This path is inviting me to clear everything in my life that does not align with this new Linda. The changes are day to day. I find my sense of time dissolving as I live more and more in each moment. I am bringing more of me to the moments and delighting in all that I find.

I am off to clear another path today. May your day find you clearing something that allows greater access for more of your beauty to shine forth. You are so beautiful! I pray today that each person on this planet, awakens to their own beauty. In doing so, we can change our world.

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