Nature shows us the way

Looking at this beautiful lotus blossom, I had a discussion with an acquaintance about how nature never holds back from giving all. This blossom opened fully into her beauty, not worrying about whether someone would be there to see and admire her in her moment of glory. Not concerned if she liked the one who was admiring her or not. Not closing up at the approach of one whose vibration she did not resonate with. Not fearing being touched, not fearing fish nibbling her roots nor turning away birds or insects from sipping her nectar. The glory of blossoming is not the climax but rather a part of the continuum of growth, of giving, of expanding. Nature understands the necessity of the cycles of expansion and contraction, growth and decay, opening to the sun and closing to the wane of day. Some flowers open to the sun, others to the light of the moon. Each is coded to bring its beauty forth in divine timing.

I am feeling this message so deeply. To shine my light in every moment, to cherish my path whether I am in the moment of ragged growth or radiant blossoming. To trust so deeply in divine timing that I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that my gifts are spreading into the world as they should. Knowing that I am enough in each moment. Having the courage and fearlessness to express all of me in each moment. Allowing my essence to shine brightly to all around me. Knowing that I am coded to blossom, to expand and grow. Feeling the ease and joy of that knowing permeate my being. Turning my heart light on to its full luminosity. Let it shine, oh let it shine. Breathing deep and flowing forth with all that is here to be expressed today.

3 thoughts on “Nature shows us the way

  1. This post is beautiful, eloquent and pretty, just as a flower is, yet it lacks the fullness of Truth.

    Yes, a flower or any plant for that matter, is comletely compliant and without decision. It readily accepts all earthly activity that is put upon it. And rightly so; after all, it is a 2nd dimensional creation………it has not been imbued with Free Will.

    It is compliant because its purpose is NOT to choose. Its purpose is quite different than a
    3rd dimenional being. A Flower is not required to 'work out its spiritual growth. It simply complies with its Creator's programming.

    Free will, the epitome of Unselfish Love, allows 3rd dimensional beings(humans)to choose………..and life is a constant choosing based on wisdom or lack thereof. Humans MUST choose in order to grow. Flowers do not.

    One may even say that Flowers are pre-programmed. They are specifically programmed to be indecisive, yielding, and un-wise. They are simply programmed to be present for beauty and enjoyment……and that is good; in fact it is very good. But it doesn't work for humans, at least it will not work for long.

    Humans must choose whether to selfishly serve self or unselfishly serve other. Humans are continually, moment by moment, making this choice. The choosing, always comes about through a catalyst/earthly experience. The 'choosing' results in soul/spiritual growth…………..this choosing results in 'harvest'.

    To decide not to choose, puts humans on the level of flowers……….simply present for admiration or contempt. Simply present for tromping or picking.
    Simply, although with beauty, pre-programmed.

    Yes, Flowers are serving the Creator and are imbued with beauty, but Flowers have no choice…….they can't help but be that which the Creator created them for. They cannot "grow" into a Full 4th dimensional Being, which is Compassion/Understanding; at least not from 2nd dimension.

    Flowers must first, pass through the next step; 3rd Dimensional Consciousnes/Free Will………and through their Free Will, decide to be understanding/compassionate, or not.

    In this particular case, this 'surface only' flower sits prettily while allowing the fish to eat it alive and presents an'all is well' facade. This can be attested to 'Faith' or 'pre-programming'………….you decide.

  2. Forgive me! I am not counting my dimensions accurately this morning. Plantlife is a 1st dimensional being. Animals are 2nd……….you can do the rest of the math! 😉

  3. Thank you for your keen observation. I have had my time as a flower and it helps me remember some key points about being. I get the difference of this 3D life we are living and our choice as to how we evolve. What a blessing to be here at this time of evolving into the new homo universalis!

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