An Early Easter Egg Hunt

Today was a day of beauty. The sky was overcast and it threatened rain all day. I met a friend to do a full moon meditation as well as one for Mother Earth. We sat amongst her lavender plants and channeled the energy from the core of the earth. A beautiful feminine red energy that was so soft and fluid floated out in our voices and our hearts. We intended for it to go where the need was greatest and sent our blessings with it. The two groups are listed below, one from the USA, and one from Sweden.
I love that I can connect with people from all over the world, as a group body to aid our Mother in her ascension process as well as aid our brothers and sisters. I love technology for how it has brought us all together.

We went for a walk and I felt like I was on an Easter egg hunt with all thedelightful surprises that appeared. There was the tree trunk with its gift of a rock stuck inside. I felt the joy of the stone. being tucked inside this massive trunk, sheltered and held. Fields of tiny pink flowers being sipped by black butterflies sporting a lovely blue on one side of their wings and a vibrant orange on the other. They were twirling about, skipping and flitting over the fields with such grace and seeming delight. We wondered how they found each other as some pairs came together in a mating dance. What force directed them in their seeming random flight? Then we came upon a rafter of turkeys though they can also be called a “gang”. This group looked like a gang. There were about twelve of them fanning their feathers and making their thrumming sound as they strutted about. They were all trying to impress one young female who expressed no interest in their grand displays. She simply turned her back and walked away. The gang followed at a stately distance, each maneuvering to show themselves in the best light. I could relate to the female’s attitude. She seemed to say, “Is that all you have to show for yourselves? Those silly fans and your puffed out chests and what exactly is that red thing hanging down by your face?? I want to see your hearts, boys, not this feather dance!”

I spotted a tiny half egg shell with a feather beside it. What was its story? Did some animal raid the nest for his morning egg dish? Was the feather from the mother bird trying to protect her young? A beautiful vignette that spoke to my heart. The wild grape vines were beginning to bloom. I love the tender leaves that start as pink buds that unfurl to a soft green. The hard grey sticks of the vines sprout tiny bright green tendrils that twist and curl about any hand- hold that they can find. My friend thought that they were like us, reaching our thoughts up to God and our higher selves. We throw them up and hope to catch on something that will support us as we pull ourselves up higher. It is amazing the way a vine can reach across an empty expanse, truly flinging itself out there in mid air with no support, and by means of its tendrils, grasp onto a branch or leaf and begin to secure itself. The tendrils are amazing spirals of tight coils, they are taking no chances of falling to the ground, once they have found a support. I wonder how many times the vine does not find any support within its reach. What does it feel as it flies through the air with faith and then lands with a thud? Does this happen? Surely it happens for us as we live through the ups and downs of our lives. Yet, we too have faith and throw ourselves out there again and again, hoping to catch hold of some essence of our divinity that we can twine ourselves about and use to climb ever higher.

Mother nature holds so many secrets and though I do not know what awaits me tomorrow or next month, she reminded me that I am held. I can trust to the force of love that is behind all things.

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