I aspire to be like this quiet Buddha statue, bathing in the light and shadows, observing life around me. He sits with such serenity as the leaves fall, the ivy grows around him, plants sprout and die back. To him, it is the ever changing landscape yet he is “seated” firmly on the earth. He is not jumping about in great joy nor is he wailing about some mishap or challenge in his life. He sits there accepting all, being present with it all. Loving all. As I sit and face him, I feel the peace emanating from him. I call in the essence of the Buddha to overshadow us both on this spring afternoon of gentle light. Everything feels so soft. The hummingbirds are dashing about, excited by the blossoms that have recently opened to the sun. A young hawk sits high on a tree branch and looks down at me. He is looking for my admiring glance as he lifts his wings and moves about on thebranch. I give it readily as I am thrilled by his wild beauty.

Everything wants recognition. affirmation, love. I am nestled into this place of wildness tucked into a suburban lot. A creek runs along one side of the property and oaks, birches, Japanese maples and eucalyptus trees all shine their special light about the place. My friends nurture this piece of earth and take seriously their role of stewardship. It is beautiful to behold. They plant with an eye to the needs of the birds. insects and the balance of the whole. A rooster crows in the distance and the trees sing a song that is lifted on the gentle breeze. I am part of the song as I allow my presence to be known to each one. I add my note and close my eyes so as to harmonize with the notes that I hear. I have to adjust to the deep bass of the grand oak that lords over the property. He is the elder and has earned the right to set the tone for today’s symphony. Amazing how each place has its own song, its own way of connecting all its parts. The oak takes into consideration the speed with which the water flows down the

creek, the newly unfurled and tender leaves on his and others’ branches, the forget me nots stretching their tiny faces of periwinkle blue to the sky, the buzz of the insects wings, and the bird songs that are carried on the faint breeze. He is the conductor who knows how to inspire each one to play their best note. I feel the need to be more of myself. To rise to his direction and to sing as purely as I can. This is what our elders knew, how to listen to the earth and its elemental life and find their place in it. That is what creates the harmony. To sit with the land and let it speak to you before acting upon it. Then it is possible to work together to create more beauty and to offer one another gifts. The earth is bountiful and she wishes to share her bounty with us just as we wish to honor her and share our gifts. What a beautiful partnership.

I came across the Scottish word, kything in a book by Madeleine L’Engle. She is one of my favorite authors. She wrote of magic for children to soar with. Kything means a sort of wordless, mind to mind communication in which one person, in essence, almost becomes another, seeing through their eyes and feeling through their senses.
Today I am kything with the trees and bathing in their stillness. I am full of gratitude for my friend offering me this space of peace and beauty.

A hummingbird is sipping the nectar from a fat magenta sage blossom. I have a plate of sliced pear, cheddar cheese and chocolate at my side. A deep sigh as a butterfly flits by. My note comes effortlessly to my lips in homage to the Divine in all things.

2 thoughts on “Recentering

  1. As you're speaking of the Earth's gifts to us, I am remembering how last summer I felt like I received blessings as I visited the beach each week, sometimes twice a week. :-)
    As soon as I hit the beach and heard the wonderful sounds of the ocean, I always felt transported into another dimension. All my cares ceased to worry or burden me. I couldn't if I tried. It was an experience in what life feels like to simply be and be nurtured. I'm looking forward to a new summer season on the beach with a more expanded heart!

  2. Your heart is so beautiful! You are such an inspiration to me. To be and be nurtured. That is grace. We are blessed!

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