Woke from a dream of floating on a lake with my arms outstretched. Must have been salt water as I was floating so easily. The water was the water of love. I knew that by feeling and breathing love, the water reflected that love and spread it to all waters on the earth. I saw love water bubbling up in streams, crashing in ocean waves, running in rivers, flowing down gutters, sparkling in fountains. Love water was everywhere. My job was to float and feel the love and let the waters do the rest. It was a beautiful way to start the day. More and more, I am being shown that it is that simple and easy. We hold the intention and the elementals and universal forces, conspire to enact it. I like this!

I then had some illuminating conversations with three dear friends. I had been under the weather with very cloudy thinking for a few days and a friend helped me to pinpoint the cause and do some energy work around it. Despite my personality saying that I was fine, she listened to her inner promptings and probed deeper. She knew something was not right and followed that knowing. In doing so, she aided me greatly and opened the doorway to more of us listening to and honoring our inner voices. Each time one of us takes a step, the path widens for us all to go through.

I have been asking for more of my own gifts to come in so that I can be of greater service. It is beginning to happen. As one friend lead me through a meditation, I found myself doing or seeing something that matched the next words out of her mouth. She described a script for a play lying on the table in front of me. She told me to see it in golden white light…it had just changed into that in my mind’s eye. She then directed me to pat it and my hand was already patting away! We laughed as I loved the sense of being so in tune with one another. Loved feeling more in tune with my own guidance and learning to trust it more.

Another friend asked me to go back and look at something three lifetimes ago. My rational mind said, “No can do!” I opened myself and asked my mind to step back. A feeling came through around my eyes, oh, I could not see, I was blinded. I did not have to relive any of the trauma that was around this

(big growth for me! No more pain)

but was able to access the contract that I had made to not see. The timing was perfect as I have been asking to have my third eye opened and to be granted the gift of inner sight. I have to reassure that part of me that experienced trauma from having that gift, that I will take care. I will not misuse it. I will use discernment, I will move from my heart’s wisdom. I will honor the gift and do no harm.

As part of this release, there was a point where my friend said, “Oh you can say, f_ck that.” Then she said that I would not have used that language so she repeated the phrase with a Scottish accent matching the times we were in. We went into gales of laughter! It seemed so ridiculous to think of this other self of mine looking at her man and saying those words. We could not stop laughing. It was so freeing and allowed the energy to move right on through with nary a bump. Now that is the kind of energy work that I like!

So much shifting and changing internally and the call to stillness will allow the necessary integration. My mind is so active and clever in its attempts to stay in charge. . I said to my friend, “I think that I will avoid the computer for this quiet time in that dear little cottage that awaits me.” My mind immediately jumped on that. “Ok, no computer. We will be in our hearts all the time. No blogging, no skyping, no talking.” It is so quick to make a rule, find a pattern, categorize things. It wants to KNOW and it wants a PLAN. The opposite of being in the moment. My friend and I had a good laugh about that. There is no plan, there is no knowing. I have to reassure my mind that I know that this is all difficult for her and try to find her other things to focus on.

So, I may blog, or you may not hear from me for a time. There is no plan, there is only now. Breathe into it and let go. A full day, ready for a salt bath and bed. Grateful for friends and laughter and lakes of love water.

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