Spring Cleaning, inside and out!

Lesser egret along the swiftly moving river. He had beautiful yellow feet, a yellow tint on his long legs and yellow markings around his eyes. Quite the dandy looking fellow!

A beautiful spring day. I began with a lovely cup of coffee at a dear friend’s house where I had spent the night. It was a treat to share her and her hubby’ s art and light filled space the night before. We had had fun cooking dinner together after an afternoon picnic down by the river. Laying back on our blanket after eating our sandwiches and cookies, we were content to sigh and drift on the sounds of the running river at our feet and the birds calling in the air. We saw two black butterflies flitting about and after quite an enchanting dance, they mated in mid-air. Later on our walk, we noticed a hawk in a tree, our eyes followed as he flew to another branch where his lady love sat. They began their mating act, high above us. No wonder I am falling in love with everything these days. Truly spring is in the air!

I said goodbye to my friend and went off to the dentist for a cleaning. This was taking care of myself in an overdue area. My friend had marveled that I was able to get an appointment on such short notice ( I called the afternoon before). I appreciated her comment as it reminded me to be grateful for the way life is lining up for me these days. I have become used to it yet do want to remain aware and appreciative of each synchronicity and blessing in my life as they happen. I know that what I focus on expands and I am expanding this flow in my life.

One of the things that came up with my friend was the weight of her office “mess”. I did not
see it as she said that it was off limits and she used the word, shame to describe how it made her feel. This was a red flag to me as it is time to let go of shame, guilt, blame…all of it. I recalled that this had been a weight that she had spoken of a year or two before so mentioned that perhaps it was time to release it. We spoke of how paperwork can seem personal and how would anyone else know how to sort through it all. I told her that there were folks who loved to organize and set up systems who would know exactly how to approach the task. I suggested that she gift herself by hiring such a person. She said that she would think about it. I believe that it is time to do whatever we can to let go of things that weigh on us. Literally, they do weigh down our energy. They are usually tasks that we are not gifted at. I know that I spent time feeling guilty that I did not know how to be “smart” about finances. It was not an area that interested me. We each have beautiful gifts and it is time to recognize what ours are and what they are not. We can use the services of others in our community, supporting them to utilize their gifts as we are supported to use ours. Money is energy and freeing yourself from an emotional burden, is worth far more than an object or a dinner out. Spend your energy (i.e. money) in ways that liberate you. Spring cleaning is a healthy thing to do on an energetic level as well as the physical level. We can pare down, de-clutter and simplify the space inside and around us.

It is a symptom of modern life to walk about with burdens that are ever present. As much as possible, now is the time to do whatever is necessary to identify and let go of our burdens. To be in the present moment requires that all of us show up. When we carry worries and concerns, some part of us is engaged in carrying that baggage. I know that I have been graced with a life free of many of my former concerns as I no longer own much of anything and my family is grown. It has been a huge freedom for me and I believe a big boost in my ability to be in the present. I have a yearly car insurance bill which is required to register a car in California, my cell phone and credit card bill (I like the ease it provides when I am traveling). Even two things a month, seems too much to me at times. I do not like my mind to be taken up with many details as I need so much space to drift in. Lately the drifting is so delightful that I want to be free to be there more and more. It is a quiet, peaceful space that is filled with a sense of well being.

Modern life takes so much energy. There is all the time spent doing the work that brings in the money to operate the home, then the buying and maintenance of the things that fill the home, the care of the garden, the house interior and exterior, the pets, children, the paperwork, bills and all the rest. We are meant to know how to do it all and keep it all moving. Truly, we have been enslaved by a system that requires us to spend so much of our energy simply to exist. Once you step out of it a bit, the lies that we have been fed about what constitutes a successful life, begin to show themselves. There has to be a better way.

The birds sitting high up on their nests (on the middle tree, far in the distance) know a better way. They are at one with their environment and one another.

The new earth that we are stepping into will be one where we have so much less. And yet we will find that we have so much more. More time to enjoy one another, more freedom to create, more sharing and more space in our heads. Spring is here and inviting us to shed our winter coats and expose ourselves to the sunlight. Therein lies the metaphor for embracing this new light. Shed all that you can; possessions, habits, thoughts, emotions. All that no longer serves who you are becoming. Expose your hearts and throw your arms wide to the sunlight that is streaming in. It is the light of our Mother/Father God wanting to fill us with love. Let us make room for this love and transform ourselves and our earth. Oh, the beauty that awaits takes my breath away!

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