Stepping into Mastery

This is a mural on the side of house that Jimi Hendrix’s lived in in Haight Ashbury. My daughter used to live in a room in this house. I was a bit young for the flower child time but it seems that Jimi expressed as much Jimi as he could in his very short life. He died at age 27 but he is considered to be the greatest electric guitarist of his time. He fit his piece of the puzzle into the whole. He was being his Jiminess.

Today was my first time out at in a group setting in quite awhile. I went to an all day workshop by Lee Harris. He did a beautiful video of 2011, )and writes monthly energy updates. Young man from England, very sensitive and sweet energy. He channels a few beings and so we experienced a couple of those channelings today. The focus was on caring for our bodies as we go through these intense times of planetary and personal release of so much fear and negativity. Our bodies are the tools through which the energy gets processed. Water is the conductor which flushes the energy through our systems. So, yes, tonight I am drinking glass after glass of water as there was a great deal of energy moving through the group today. I have had an appreciation of my body elemental (yes. it is an elemental just like the fairies, undines, gnomes and all the rest) for some time now but it is a good reminder to check in often as to what it needs and what it is telling us. Our bodies are a storehouse of wisdom, of our stories, of so much of who we are. The channels emphasized the importance of giving yourself body work such as massage or reiki to help move energies that are releasing as well as dancing, running, swimming or whatever brings your body joy as it moves. For me, I know that my body is craving hot water. Anyone want to go to the hot springs with me? I need a long day of soaking and sauna. I can feel my body asking and I have told her that in the next couple of days, we will do this.

A couple of tools were given for releasing energies. One was to put your issues, problems, concerns into a balloon, see it floating above you and imagine cutting the string that ties it to you. Allowing the old energies to float away. They stressed that you did not need concern yourself with letting go as anything that was needed, would definitely show up again in your world. Another tool was imagining ourselves in a hot air balloon, riding in the sky, letting g
o of the weights inside so as to ride higher and higher. The weights were packages that as you picked them up, you asked them to tell you what they were before dropping them over the side. They were my concerns or recycled thoughts about an issue that I could now let go of. As Lee was channeling this scene, before he got to the second package, I had already tossed all
of mine overboard in my imagination. I was so ready to be free and to fly higher!

As the hot air balloon rose, we came closer and closer to the sun. We were bathed in the sun, it was calling to us. I began to sob as it felt like it was calling me home. I filled myself with its energy and we were instructed to keep that energy for ourselves, to nourish ourselves as we go through these challenging times. I am going to remember to return to this meditation in my mind, this refilling my center with the sun’s energy. Allowing myself to be the sun, radiating my light into the world.

Lee made a good point as he said that we are all feeling the trauma of losing some of our brothers and sisters. Even though we know that all that is transpiring is part of the ascension of our planet and ourselves, we still grieve the loss. We have to be gentle with ourselves as we honor our grieving process. We are all one and it is being felt more and more. We are feeling
our hearts opening wide with the divine love that is streaming in. The disasters fuel this love and compassion on a global scale. Picture of part of the city in the mist as I walked to the workshop today.

We are in the time of mastery. We are being asked to step up and be more of who we truly are. We are being asked to shine our lights and no longer hide for fear of censure or rejection. It is time to speak our truths, master our thoughts and let our heart lights shine. We want to live in a world of peace, harmony, abundance for all and so much joy and love. So we have to have a mind that thinks peaceful thoughts, a heart that embraces one another as self, eyes that see through the mist of the personality to the beauty shining there, ears that hear the fearful child when anger is being expressed and arms that can reach out and hold the other through those fears so that harmony can sing its notes. We do not have to carry the weight of the world, yet we are responsible for our own weight that adds to the world’s. We have to carry the weight of our interior world.

To have a peaceful world, our inner landscape needs to reflect that peace which we choose. That means peace in all of our relationships, whether we do that on a physical level or energetic one, it matters not. What matters is coming to a place of peace and resolution in our
hearts. We are past the time when we can carry grudges, resentments, old hurts. All must be released if we are to birth this new earth for ourselves and the generations to come. We are being asked to care for ourselves first and foremost which goes against the training that most of us were raised with. We are being asked to honor our deepest desires and no longer give our energy away to support someone else’s dream. We are being asked to step out of the old service mentality that has been deeply imprinted in many of us. This is a paradox and one that caused me much confusion as I tried to understand it. What is true for me now is that my first responsibility is to my own happiness and joy. If I am to emanate love and joy, my tanks have to be filled with what brings me that joy. I know that doing for others, caring for others can bring joy but so often it gets out of balance. Especially for women who have that care taking role deeply ingrained as well as some men who express more of their feminine energies. This forces me to look at why I am doing something. Is it because it brings me great joy or because I think that I should do it? Do I do it because it makes others believe that I am a nice person? Do I do it so as to not create conflict or difficulty? Amazing how much of my life was lived out of duty. The patterns still show up occasionally but I recognize them quickly and can move in a more authentic direction.

I had a reading a couple of years ago to discover what my core wound was. I was told it was duty. I believed that I had a duty to do good, to be good, to serve. I had to turn it around to duty to self. To care for myself, to honor my passions and desires and put myself first. Once I did this (a learning process that continues) I have begun to see that the greatest service that I can offer the planet, is being the most Linda that I can be. Dancing, shining, twirling my Lindaness out into the world. Does it seem too simple? If I am in my joy, the world can be in joy. If I am expressing gratitude, the world is expressing gratitude. How simple and sweet it all is.

There was a young man who had traveled all the way from Mexico City for this workshop. He had the most soulful eyes and open heart. He felt so alone in his city and country as he had no one who thought like he did. He had found Lee on line so had made the journey to have an opportunity to connect. He spoke with Lee and shared how he had cared for his mother through an illness and was now caring for his girlfriend through hers. He wanted to leave his relationship with the girl but felt guilt due to her illness. Lee helped him to see that we can get caught up in believing that there is no one else to do the job. That it must be ours when if we truly believe in a limitless universe, we would know that another would be sent in our place. Sometimes we have to step down or out of a role in order for someone else to have the opportunity to grow into that role. If we follow our heart’s desire, it will lead to our highest good and that can only be for the highest good of all. It is not possible for our highest good to be in contradiction to anyone else’s. In this unity consciousness that we are entering, only that which is for the highest good of all, will grow and be sustained. Our egos can lead us to believe that we are irreplaceable and a job must fall to us, even if we do not like it. Our ego is being fed with the idea that we are doing good but we do so much more by doing what brings us joy.

The truth is that we each carry a gift that no other has. We each have a piece of the grand
puzzle. If I am busy helping you fit your piece in neatly, I am leaving a void where my piece belongs. That is the wonder and magic of the Divine, of our Creator. That what is our greatest joy, what makes our heart sing, is our piece of the puzzle. That simply floors me! What I love to do, what seems as simple as breathing, what makes time stand still…that very thing is my piece of the puzzle to contribute. Whew, what a relief! You could see this young man’s face as he felt the relief, the permission to move in the direction of his own joy. As Lee told him, your friends and family may resist your moving from Mexico (he knew that he must leave, it was not his place on the earth) but in time, they will see how good it was for all. This young man will bring his joy back with him when he returns for visits and will open the door for others to find the courage to make a move for their heart’s desire.

A full day for which I am grateful. Shared some talk and laughter with a few of the women over a yummy Indian food lunch. Enjoyed the meditations and inner journeying. Lee felt that I would be rooted somewhere within in the next three or four months (yes, my community wil
l be birthed!) and he affirmed my heart’s ability to create love on any level that I desired. I

shared a deep connection with Alejandro and will begin an email and facebook correspondence with him. He needs community and support and the Internet makes that
possible. I have a knowing that I will see him again. The deep looking and seeing of one another’s hearts was a jewel that I pocketed. I collect these jewels and string them on a necklace that I take out at night before sleep. I finger each jewel lovingly and feel gratitude for each one’s beauty and light. My gratitude necklace that adorns me with heart light.
This was part of a piece of art that I saw the other day. I loved the jewels and colors and patterns!

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