Stillness and Knowing

This buddha sat in the garden of the B&B I stayed at with my sister in Mount Shasta.He knew what he was about sitting under his tree.

Today I am feeling so still. My heart is calling me inward more and more. I can feel another surge of energy moving through the earth. I KNOW that my part is to lie still and allow it to move through. This knowingness has been growing over the past couple of years but it has now exploded in every cell of my being. I KNOW that I had to be cut free from the time constraints of work and deadlines, the weight of many possessions, the responsibility of caring for pets, a garden, a home. All of those things take energy. My energy is caught up in my heart, I am to explore this inner landscape. I am to be a vessel through which energy can flow. That means that I have to continuously clear my vessel, clear old stuck energies to make room for the new to flow through. I want to present as transparent a vessel to my Mother/Father God each day as I can. This is my work, to be the window washer of my vessel and offer it up. I know that I am paving the way into a new way of being on the earth. It is a relief to know that I have a part to play and that I have set up my life in a way that supports me to play it. The comparisons to what others’ roles are, that used to taunt me, have fallen away. I have even gifted myself with a daughter who just brought me a yummy looking pink smoothie in a wine glass. She tells me that lunch will follow shortly. Lovely!

This knowingness will begin to emerge for everyone as their gifts become more apparent. We are witnessing the old earth crumbling beneath our feet and the new is being birthed. There is a clarity arising. We are asked to clear our hearts of old restricting emotions, clear our minds of limiting patterns and paradigms of how we are to live, clear our spaces of possessions that we no longer need or have use for. Everything is energy and we have a choice as to what energy is around us as well as what energies we carry inside of us. We can choose lightness or heaviness or somewhere in between.

I am hearing from many who are feeling overwhelmed by the demands of their daily lives. Everything is speeding up and intensifying. A few friends have shared that the only way that they exist at present is to stay in the moment. If they allow themselves to think, they become undone. I think that this is a sign of the times that folks are being forced into the moment. It is how we are to live, without the past nor the future pulling us. It is a part of this grand shift that we are all in. Eckhart Tolle spoke of the power of now in his book, years ago.

I am grateful for the knowingness flooding my being today. Grateful for the stillness that seems to be permeating the planet. This quiet love that is a force moving through everything. Hearts are uniting in this love, we have so yearned to be free to express our love. Tune in and you will see it and feel it around you. Grace is present on this earth of ours.

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