Love that frees

This is a my little grouping that occupies the soap dish in my bathroom. The tiny ceramic plaque says, You are loved. I made it and the tiny buddha, a couple of years ago. The rock was gifted from a love and found during a time of transformation. It is interesting for its natural hole, just right to hold my turkey feather. So it reminds me as I stand at the sink to wash my hands, to breathe, to call in the beauty and to remember the love that is always there for me. I am loved!

Energies are moving quickly. Felt the movement this morning and prepared to start packing for a trip. Now a phone call and a new wave coming in that suggests that I need to be here on the 12th and 13th which would make it too tight a schedule to drive to British Columbia and back by then. Hmmm…….so take it easy. Step back and only do what is in front of me for the day, which is driving to Davis to see Eagle and friends for a potluck. That is enough. Let the rest unfold. My friends have to be so gracious as my plans change on a dime. The messages are subtle but enough to steer me in the right direction.

Back after a night in Davis and a lovely visit with some dear friends. So many folks going through internal upheavals. Kindness is a virtue needed now, with ourselves and one another. The pressure is increasing as our planet is being saturated with divine love. All that is not love; in ourselves, in organizations, in governments; is coming to the surface to be healed. This can take on many forms; a job can become too heavy to bear, a relationship can fall apart, a home can be lost, sources of income can dry up. Lifestyles are being shifted, often against our wills.

Why is it when we speak of simplicity it has a certain ring to it, a vibration that we feel would be good to strive for. Yet when life creates situations that lead to this very thing, there is often resistance and complaints of “Why is this happening to me?”
Once freed from former constraints, life often takes on a new flavor and depth. A freshness emerges as one can begin to look around the new landscape and take stock of where one is.
More options present themselves and new pathways appear.

We are moving to a time of the old systems collapsing to make way for the new. Much is shifting for my own family as we step out of old roles and move from the head to the heart. Not an easy process as all the fears come to present themselves. It is a big shift from believing that security is the retirement account, the paycheck, the health insurance. All of these things have been programmed into our fields as necessary. We have to create new pathways that allow the truth to shine through, that security comes from within. Our hearts generate the inner light that truly will be our source of nourishment in the future. We are a ways off from that time but we must begin creating the pathways. So the more people who step off the corporate ladder, who walk away from the idea that you can insurance against “bad things” happening in your life by purchasing a policy, who claim the right to heal themselves, who follow their bliss and see where it leads, who take full responsibility for having created everything in their lives (yes, that means even the negative stuff! And we are getting that there is no negative, all simply is) the freer we all become.

I recently watched a utube clip of a lone person standing out on the end of a dock. The scene then flashed to a forest of trees. It was showing what it is like in our brains when we begin a new pathway by quitting smoking, switching to a positive thought about a health condition, believing that a passion will develop a return stream of abundance or anything else in life. The new thought is alone out there and we have to continue to feed it and nurture it so that it eventually can grow a forest around it of like thoughts. I love that thought of growing a forest of beautiful new thoughts and pathways in my mind. I am so tired of some of the paths, so worn. They no longer hold my interest and I am happy to see them be grown over and disappear. I am ready for new vistas!

My daughter is starting her own business, following her passion and dreams. My older son is ready to commune with nature and see where his passions lead. My younger son is putting new things into place to take him to a new landscape. I am ready to move to some land where I can plant a garden and nurture souls, my own first and foremost!

We are all transitioning into the new. My daughter gifted me with an acknowledgment of
one of my gifts. She said that I see the seed of potential inside of others and am able to bring light and focus to that seed to help it grow. I love that and it is true. I love being a catalyst for folks becoming more of themselves. We are moving towards community as we need one another to provide the light when ours temporarily dims, to add a log to keep it all burning bright. We are a tribal people and we need our tribe.

One of my tribe members was listening to me relate an experience. I said, “He made me cry.” His immediate response was, “Oh, no, Linda made Linda cry. You are too powerful a creator to engage in that old energy.” Yes! He was spot on and I loved him for stating it so clearly. No one else does anything to us, we create our reality for the lessons we desire to learn. The value of having folks around you who get this, is that they love you enough to keep you honest with yourself. There is no pity, no judgment, no victimhood, simply love expressed clearly.

I am so grateful today for all the love that surrounds me. I send it out to each of your hearts.

3 thoughts on “Love that frees

  1. I love that you used your "Miniature Art Installation' for today's photo!

    It is one of my favorite spots in your home 😀

    It makes it so fun to use the sink or fix your hair in front of the mirror. So, so lovely!

  2. thanks! I love it too and you helped me to see it anew. I love the picture of you and Toby on your blogger page! So sweet!

  3. Awww thanks. That's Tobie in his new duds and my Valentine's Day outfit.

    The scarf really topped it off and garnered many compliments. I've been wearing it every day since!

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