Gratitude for Flowing With Life

Tonight I found myself singing to myself. You know that is my sign that I am in alignment with my I Am Presence, dear Sophia. I make up the silliest songs and delight in how every cell in me feels so happy when this happens. I never think, “I am going to sing now.” It catches me unaware, all of a sudden, I am singing, with my voice and my cells. Happy, happy!

There is so much to be grateful for in one day! I saw a white pigeon on my walk today. Yes, this is the fourth white bird to grace my path in the past few weeks. Not sure of time but recent. I felt reminded that I am beaming purity throughout my neighborhood as I take my walks. After all, it is all intention. I can intend for every step I take to be sending the flame of purity into the ground as well as the atmosphere around me. The white bird seemed to be reminding me to make purity my intention. I was grateful to her for the reminder!

My body did not go through any aches or pains from doing an intense workout with my daughter. When I mentioned that to her, she said, “Oh, Mom, you are so strong. Stronger than you realize.” That felt good, I am grateful to this beautiful body of mine for being strong and allowing me to do whatever I ask of it. I love this about her!

My daughter was getting ready to go out to meet her love. She asked me into her room, I lay on her bed and we chatted as she got dressed. I gave feedback on her outfits, she borrowed a wool vest of mine that looks great on her. We laughed at the fun of expanding our wardrobes as we share some of our clothes. She had cleaned her room so that I could enjoy it while she is away for the weekend. So sweet. There had been years of disagreements and hard times when I was the wall that she beat against. Oh, the sweetness of our delight in one another’s company now. I am so grateful for our relationship. I am so proud of her as she steps out and engages in starting her own business. She is expanding and freeing herself from the inside out.

As we each give ourselves permission to live the life of our dreams, we are paving the way for others to follow. It begins inside each one of us. Step by step, we have to free ourselves from our limiting mindsets and habitual patterning. She has consciously chosen to step out time after time. We are all doing this, finding those areas where we used to go along or do something out of a sense of obligation or guilt or who we thought we had to be. Each time we let go of the old and allow a new pattern to emerge, we are helping to create the New Earth. Isn’t that something to be grateful for? I find myself marveling at the beauty of the system. I free myself, I free you. I clean up my inner world, and yours is suddenly brighter. Wow! Who invented this? Oh, yes it was the Creator him/herself. And I am that self, I am the creator as are you. I love this!

I was making dinner, Eagle called and after a few calls and consultations with his driving companion, it was decided that they would not be coming for dinner and the night as their car was loaded with all their recording and filming equipment. The neighborhood seems safe enough to me but yes, my car did get stolen for a few days. They felt that street parking was not what they wanted so that is fine. Not my place to insist that it would be safe. They are planning a day trip from Sacramento instead. I love that I felt no anxiousness about the change in plans. My son and I had a lovely dinner and then watched a movie together. (watched Outsourced, a fun movie set in India. It spoke to allowing yourself to be changed by a new reality rather than resisting it. There was a powerful scene where he immersed himself in the dirty pool where folks bathed. He let himself float) It was a wonderful evening. My old self would have been in a tizzy, “Why hasn’t he called? Oh, great,now he is canceling” ..yada yada yada. I wasted so much energy being upset when life did not flow the way I had planned. Now I can observe it and feel at peace with it as it presents itself. Kind of fun to watch and see what unfolds! I am grateful for this change in my life over the last few years. Tonight I was reminded of how much grace exists in my world.

Sometimes I wonder that I have not gone out and connected to a community here. I do not have any friends here in the city, I have done nothing to make friends. I have been content to live with the companionship of my kids and some contact with their friends as they go in and out. Yet, I am in contact with a group of friends through the phone, email, facebook. And today I am grateful for that community. I am accepting that all is perfect. I have not had a lot of extra energy to engage in new things or new people. There has been so much happening internally that has garnered most of my attention. So I can focus on lack, I can choose to go out and get involved or I can continue as I am. Many pathways open to me and I can flow where I feel inspired. I can see that I have not wanted to have plans with folks as I have had to be totally free to rest when I have needed to (that has been often) and create when the inspiration hit (beginning to happen more) have long uninterrupted periods of solitude as well as being present for my kids when they desired a listening ear and for my friends when they call. It has been enough, in fact, it has been just right for me. I love myself for creating a nurturing, warm environment for this transformation to take place. For it is indeed a transformation. We are being made anew. I can feel it in all of my cells and most especially in my heart. It feels “afire”. I feel it expanded and radiating more each day.

One day and so many blessings. Hear me, oh universe. I AM GRATEFUL!
The image is of a sculpture at a winery north of San Francisco. It feels like me when I throw my arms wide and shout my, I AM GRATEFUL statement to the sky. Poised on the tip of one hand is a dancer, throwing her arms up to the heavens. I am that dancer too. Have always felt that I could have been a dancer. I love this sculpture.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude for Flowing With Life

  1. Linda, I am so glad we connected. I love observing the moments that could seem ordinary and seeing how extraordinary they actually are. That the flow of our lives is filled with precious moments. Thanks for reminding me how much richer my life is when I remember to be aware!

  2. Dear Karen,
    thank you for reading! I just went to your home page and read about your journey. I love your writing. It is true that we can help one other with our filters, seeing the brighter colors than we might do otherwise. How great that the internet fosters this connection!
    Love your creed from Abraham of being for things rather than against them. I used to think that there was something wrong with me because I could not "get involved" in that way. Now I understand:)

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