Mount Shasta’s Magic

The energies of the recent solar flares and yesterday’s full moon have affected me deeply. I have to remember that when I am feeling the disconnect. I felt a bit removed from life, watching myself with more of myself in that observer role. The full moon brought with it bouts of weepiness. Not unhappiness, rather its opposite. I felt so full of it all, the mystery, the beauty, the possibilities presenting themselves at this time on the planet. It feels like we are right at the vortex of a huge shift in consciousness. So many will awaken, are awakening.

My sister has been visiting and I have not had the space to write in as we have shared beds and rooms. I need that reflective time and space to write. We traveled to Mount Shasta to engage in ceremony with my friend, Chief Golden Light Eagle. We also wanted to see the mountain, my sister had never been and had heard so much about it. I had felt called to Mt Shasta for the past few months. So…we went. I did not find magic in the way that I had thought. I had been making calls to connect to Telos, the city of light that is under the
mountain and to Saint Germain who has been known to “hang out” there.

It turned out that I missed the ceremony with Eagle. He was not driving so things happened at times and places that he was not aware of before they were happening. That was a momentary disappointment but then I realized that it was all fine. I will see him in early March to share some time together. I did not have any contact with Saint Germain or Telos.
The magic did not come in any package that I had thought. I love how this lesson comes again to remind me that Spirit works in its own way. To be open to it, I have to get out of my mind and its projections of how anything should present itself and open my heart.

The gifts of this trip were many. There was heavy rain on the drive there and all the first day. Folks told us that we would not see the mountain as the storm was to continue and turn to snow. The first night, I took advantage of the hot tub, the sauna and the large bath in our room. Yes, all three. It took all of that water for me to feel back in my body again for the first time in a few days. Eagle had called for me to meet him while I was soaking in the tub but I could not make myself get dressed to head back out in the rain at that point of the evening.
I went to bed and dreamt that I was in a gathering where I was told that I carried the Lemurian energies. They were placed deep inside me, not outward for others to see. A soul sister of mine who had lived in Shasta until recently, appeared and she told me that she had my orders. I was overjoyed as I felt that I had been waiting forever to receive them and begin my work.

The next morning we awoke to sunshine and the mountain! She is so beautiful. There was a light coating of snow on everything, turning the world into one of pristine whiteness and stillness. That is the magic of a snowfall, everything is reborn into beauty and peace. We went for a walk in the woods along a creek where we delighted in the mosses and the trees. We headed back into town and spent time in the crystal shops where all the colors and textures of rocks and crystals call out to you. I was fairly buzzing by the time we left the stores. Back for more hot tubbing and sauna!

I was given a gift by some of the folks that we met at the inn. One person told me that he felt that I was carrying a block in my heart and suggested that my writing made me seem more open than I was in my living. I took it in as information and had to process it to see what resonated as truth for me. Earlier in my life, I would readily take on what others’ thought
as my stuff. Thank goodness, I now use my discernment to identify what is mine and what is others. I could see the stone in my heart that needed loving. It was not huge but it was in the pathway of the river flowing through me. The other part of the comment was not true for me and I let that go. A couple the next morning told me the same thing (Spirit oft repeats what we need to hear and three times is the turning point for me). The man said, “Your receiving box does not seem completely open.” The woman gestured to her heart and said, ” There is a rock here.” I got a hit that she could help me so I said, “Yes, and you are the one to help me with that.” The man then turned to me and said, ” You are so beautiful.” I responded, “Thank you, I feel beautiful.” He began to laugh and exclaimed, “Wow, your receiving box is open, that was beautifully received! I am so happy that you did that. It gives me such joy!”
We shared a delightful conversation before they packed up to continue on their journey. As they were heading out the door, the woman turned to me and said, “Ok, do you want to do that right now?” I said, “Yes!” I had held the intention that she had some healing for me and waited to see how it would manifest. So she cleared my field and my heart. Took an energetic pipe cleaner all pink and gold and peach (lovely colors!) and ran it through my heart. She then brought in more of myself to fill in the space created. It took no more than a few minutes and I felt wonderful.

The innkeeper is a massage therapist so I had a massage shortly after this. I called in Archangel Raphael, Mother Mary and Hilarion to overshadow him to further integrate the heart healing that had taken place. They were all there as was my white dove, Annabelle. She had a satin ribbon in her beak that she used to weave the hole in my heart. I saw it all woven to perfection. She then continued her weaving, threading her ribbon through all of my chakras. She finished with figure eight loops from my crown to my toes. So beautiful! I drifted with her and felt entwined by ribbons of light. Another gift!

The second morning we awoke to a foot of snow on the ground
and heavy fluffy flakes floating down at a steady pace. Another foot accumulated quickly. I went outside in my bathrobe and plastic clogs to stand on the earth and be showered with the fat flakes. It had been over a year since I had been in snow. It
felt delightful! I began to tone and bring up the energies from the earth and wave them out with my arms and hands to the elementals to carry where they would. I felt like I was conducting the energies. I realized that I was in my bliss. That was my moment. When I am connected to the earth and allowing the sounds to come through me, I feel my truth. This is who I am.

It all connected that evening when we stopped in Sacramento to introduce my sister to a dear soul sister of mine. I began to tell her about the toning in the snow. She is one who knows when I have to channel information. She touched my hand and said, “Let it come through.” The tones rang out in the restaurant and the tears fell. I spoke my truth, it is all harmonics! The earth is balancing with the rest of the universe and galaxy. We are coming into alignment. This is my assignment! This is my order! I am a toner. I am part of bringing the harmonics into balance. We are so close. I was gifted with a vision of it and could see how there is only a tiny shift needed to be in balance. Oh, the sounds. The beauty of how we all resonate together. I felt a shiver of deep knowing travel through me. How wonderous it is that sound is so powerful.

My sister said that she was amazed at the angelic quality of the sound as a joke of our childhood was my poor singing voice. My former husband had reinforced that by asking me to not sing to the children lest I teach them to sing off key. So to open my voice this past couple of years, has been a breakthrough for me. My toning has been done in private, me in the car or in nature by myself. I had noticed that those were the times that I felt complete joy and the most myself. I knew that if I were singing my little dittys to myself, that meant that I was aligned. This experience took that to a whole new level. Sound is part of me, I can make beautiful sounds, I can be a conduit for the earth and the angelic realm. I can be that hollow reed and open myself to be played by the Creator. Oh, what joy! To be in my greatest joy and for that to be my assignment, my job!

I had read that in the New Earth, our joy would be our work. Our gifts are the things that feel good to do, the things that are our passion. I believed that yet had not put two and two together to see that this was my passion. I had recently signed up for a Tom Kenyon sound healers workshop. He is a world renown sound healer whose work I love. Two years ago I had wanted to attend his workshop but was on the East coast at the time and it felt too far to travel as he is in Seattle. Now, even though I have no idea of where I will be or what my life will be in September, I registered for the workshop. I do not think of myself as a healer, that never resonated with me. I know that I am a teacher so the healer part of sound healing did not draw me. The sound aspect drew me as I want to know more. Now I see how it is all coming together.

I went to Mt. Shasta looking for some magic through Eagle, Telos and Saint Germain. I received magic through the snow, hot water, sounds, people, the earth and trees. Life is magical. I am so filled with gratitude for it all. As we all come into resonance with ourselves, sing our own notes out loud and clear, we are helping one another and our Mother Gaia come into resonance. All the cosmos is one of harmonics resonating in balance. I am a part of this. You are a part of this. This is the life that I have been waiting for!

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