The love vibration

We are beginning to live in the “love vibration”. It is such a beautiful place to be! My sister called me this morning to tell me that she was craving a cigarette. She had given up smoking a couple of weeks ago and had been doing fine. Well, she had definitely felt emotional and extra sensitive. Today though, she was feeling pretty agitated. As we talked, it came to light that she had had a difficult encounter with the rental agent for her apartment complex. She has to decide whether or not to renew her lease in two months. The woman was very inflexible and curt. My sister’s aha moment came as she described the woman’s behavior. She realized that what had upset her so much was not the content of the conversation but the vibration. The woman was not coming from a space of love! As we exist more and more in this space of love and it informs all of our interactions with our dear ones, it is shocking to encounter the old vibration.

My sister and I are both fortunate to not be working in the world at present so we are gifted with this time of being surrounded for the most part, by those whom we love. That is where the majority of our interactions take place. As we all move more into unity consciousness and that sense of deep connection, it is difficult to return to the old surface level interactions. Our hearts crave deep contact and love to live in that vibration of truth and openness and caring. The more we live in this vibration, the more it spreads. We begin to accept it as the norm.

So rather than driving to the store to buy cigarettes, my sister realized that she could watch her reaction to that old energy and let it pass through her. (By this time she was already at the store and asking for a pack of Marboros.) So next time, she could take a different tack.

This is so powerful. Thoughts run through me and my old way was to act upon them or react to them. Lately I have been experiencing this in my heart. The man who I believed, (still believe? ) to be my beloved, recently put out a utube video where he is reciting a new poem while another friend is playing the drums and singing in the background. Hearing his voice hit my cells like a liquid river of light. Everyone of them, came alive. My heart was on fire. Amazing! I went through a bit of panic as a couple of friends can attest to. How can this be after I have moved to clear that longing and wondering about our relationship out of my system? How could it still be so alive in me and have such an effect?

Deep breath. Another deep breath. Then following my daughter’s advice (she is the athlete and body person) I moved the energy through my system. Ah…feel it, observe yourself feeling it, then move it through the body and release it. Yes. That felt good! I do not have to do anything about it. Yes, my cells light up when they hear his voice. I do not know anything about our relationship except that he retreated. I am at peace when I accept it as it is. I can watch my reaction but do not need to take any action. No, I do not need to call him. No, I do not need to hurt. No, I do not need to define it. (Yes, I was the one who wanted it all tied up neatly with a pretty bow! What is this messy ending?) No…there is something else. I can note all of my reactions and what came was that I felt love. My heart felt such love that he had created something beautiful. I felt peace as I listened to his voice and sensed a settling had taken place since I had last been with him. My heart could dance in love. I could be in the love vibration by choosing to reside there.
So, today I am taking up residence in the love vibration. Shine on heartlight!
I am sharing Joseph’s poetry as it is beautiful and feeds that love vibration in my heart.

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