Love your life and watch the transformation

I read a channeling that really resonated with my heart. It is from the Messages from God through Yael and Doug Powell at Circle of Light. Here is the quote:

Only as something is loved is it free to change into something else.”

This made me think of my kids and the times that I was not seeing them with love but rather anger at their behavior. Or the times with a partner when I felt that he must change for me to feel love. When I lost this basic truth.
We have the capacity to love and accept one another as we are. That is how we gift one another with the freedom to change. All of us are such freedom loving folks, it is encoded in our beings. If someone tries to change us, we put up our defenses. Yet when we feel completely accepted for ourselves, we can let down our guard. We tend to be more amenable to change. As we are gifted with that love, we wish to gift others with love. It is a beautiful circle.
Here is more of the same message:

“And loving your own life, which allows it to change. Wanting it different keeps it in place. To the mind this seems counter-intuitive. But to the heart it makes perfect sense. Love, beloved ones, is alive.”

Only Love Allows Things to Change
Transforming Resistance

I can feel the truth of is alive. We can use this aliveness to re energize and ignite our lives.
I was replaying a number of conversations that I had just heard. Folks were talking about how they do not like their bodies, how “bad” certain foods were that they were eating, how lonely they were, how financially strapped they were. So many reasons it seems to not love our lives.
I began to think of this quote and how true it feels to me. I am moving into a space of loving my life. Seeing in it the vibration of everything that I want. As I focus on the love, it brings forth such gratitude and appreciation for what I have been blessed with.

Taking this to heart, we can love the parts of our bodies that are not functioning at their optimum. We can hold each part in love, flood them with love. Sometimes I feel that our body is like a child. It wants our attention. There are so many levels where we want things to be different. This statement is freeing for me as I tune in to areas in my life where I have not been loving myself.
I have a bit of a leaky bladder…not fun you say and I agree! I am now loving her regularly, instead of focusing on her not performing as she used to. I am loving my bladder as she is right now. I recall years of working at such a frantic pace that I might go all day without using the restroom! How insane is that? I literally felt I did not have time to stop and pee! So this dear bladder has put up with being ignored in a major way and now she is insisting on some attention! I can give it to her in a loving way rather than criticizing her for not performing as I desire.
I am learning to be so appreciative of my body and all that she has done for me these many years. I am loving her beauty, her grace, her form.

Our spirit often uses our body to get our attention, to slow us down, to set us on an inward journey if we have resisted guidance coming in another way. I know when my life fell apart years ago, I had to stop everything. It was as if my body simply wound down and I had no ability to start her up again. I am so grateful to my body for stopping a life that was causing me such pain. It allowed me to discover the life of beauty and joy that I live today.

Today I was walking on the beach in the beautiful sunshine, singing a love song to my beloved. No, he is not here in my life. Yet he is in my heart. I was singing and I found a large perfect sand dollar. I love sand dollars and finding a whole and perfect one, makes my day! I feel like a little girl who has been given a gift. I then found another, almost identical in size and perfection! I took this as a beautiful sign from my beloved that he is close to me. Then a wave came up and caught me unawares and I laughed as my jeans were soaked up my calf. Ha, he wanted to play with me! I love my beloved :)

So, today take a look at your life and see what you are not loving this moment. We have been taught to believe that our happiness is to be found in the new job, the big raise, the vacation, the new partner, the perfect body. We have been taught to not love our lives but rather live with dissatisfaction as a constant companion. Let’s turn this around. Let us love everything in our lives even if you can find ten reasons why you can’t. Try it, experiment. I believe that you will be amazed at what you will discover.

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